17 days to go!

Dear Bloggers,
This week at school we finished our world war 2 project with a show case on Friday when we dressed up – I was Winston Churchill – and parents had the chance to see our work. Mum did quite well on our quiz & won ration biscuits.


There have been a few kitchen upgrades this week – a new draining board/chopping board made by Francis & a new work surface made out of stone. I have been hard at work preparing/cleaning them!

photo 2 photo 1
Yesterday, after a sleep over at Paulo’s house, I went to choose my Xmas present & by the Apple store – yes, it’s something from there – we saw a very Christmassy display with swans & ballet dancers.


Saturday night at the movies was “The Lone Ranger” with Jonny Depp – my rating is 3/5. Dad gives it 3.5. And Mum gave it 2.


Today we went to the best rated Christmas market in Shanghai – which was better than the last one we went to (last year) – where I had pizza. Not a very Chistmassy pizza. There was a lot of hot chocolate & sausages being sold & we did get something for the box of presents being sent back to the UK.

Strange Sights and Funny Happenings:

We saw a lady chopping a ‘small’ quantity of garlic outside her restaurant, Dad is picking up tips perhaps


and this is not the rubbish outside another restaurant, but a delivery of fresh lamb. The same place we photographed cabbages & potatoes a few weeks ago


Not for Granny’s to read – please look away – the air pollution has been “Hazardous” this week & so we could not play outside at all this week & the christmas fair was postponed. It does seem a bit better now.


That’s all for this week!
From Thomas

PS Mum is feeling a bit poorly with a cold – does anyone know any good jokes or tips to cheer her up? PRIZE for the best joke/tip!


  1. James Bryer · · Reply

    Why do midfielders dislike flying?
    Because they are afraid of being put on the wing!!


  2. See it’s still snowing! Can’t think of any jokes just now, too near my bed-time to be thinking.
    Hope mum gets better soon.


  3. What do you call a woman with one leg shorter than the other????

    Eye-lean (it sounds better when you say it – Elaine with an Irish accent!). The old ones are always the best ones eh?



    1. This is the one that cheered Mum up the most! Prize in the post.


  4. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Would like to see a photo of you as Winston Churchill, you are not fat enough, bald enough or old enough!
    I think that both Granny’s read the bit about the air pollution in Shanghai actually I saw about it onTV. Wish you could come home and live in Bisham.


    1. Oooooops. Sorry, I forgot to add a few photos. But I have now!


  5. Granny fixit · · Reply

    A good week Thomas. I will avoid ‘The Lone Ranger’ , especially as I am not fond of Johnny Depp.
    No wonder your mum feels poorly with your pollution level – sorry I disobeyed!
    JOKE – What do you call a sheep with no legs. A cloud. Hahahaha….


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