Pinch Punch

Dear Bloggers,

This week it has been very cold – finally getting Christmassy over here! You might even notice the snow on the blog! (Sorry, Australia)

We have been preparing for Christmas by decorating our Christmas tree


and writing our Christmas cards. If you get a card before Christmas then you are very lucky, so if you get a card with one of these on the back:


Then you might want to save it until nearer to Christmas!

Happy Highlights:

– 6S Class Assembly last Wednesday. The theme was “this day in history” (27th November) so Paulo and I did a presentation on… Jimi Hendrix! (Did you know it was his birthday last Wednesday?)


– After I did the assembly, Paulo invited me over for a sleep over. (😊)

– After the assembly I went to a show by a company called “Mad Science” who work with NASA to promote scientific learning.


– We went to a secret party. Full stop.

– We went to a thanksgiving party at Quinn’s house. Here is Dad making the mash:


– Rugby festival yesterday, spent two hours on different skills. Then there was a barbecue run by a butcher, and I had one of the last 20 beef burgers. (They only had enough for half the very hungry people there!)

– We collected the incense holder that I made a few months ago

photo 1photo 2


What does “bring a new breeze to your daily meal” mean?


No, it is not Mum’s café.


That’s all for this week!

Happy Advent (calendar opening)!

From Thomas

P.S. In a few posts time, the annual statistics will be coming through. See 2012 in review for last years (A long time ago)

P.P.S. Sorry about the downfall of post quality in recent weeks – from now on I will try to improve on information.


  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Just seen our prime minister on TV – he is in Shanghai, have you been out and about waving the British flag?
    You seem to be going to lots of parties – hope you have lots of fun. And I love your Christmas tree.


  2. We have yet to stun you with our Christmas tree … haven’t chosen one yet. Are you coming to the UK at all over the hols? xx


  3. You need to buy your dad a pair of beaters for the mash. Have a great holiday.


    1. Thanks for the idea. You have a nice holiday too!


  4. Love the snow !!


  5. It looks very Christmassy in that house – oh, it’s MY house!


  6. We haven’t put up our tree yet, We’re waiting until Granny Devon gets here and she can help us. Will send you some pictures after.


  7. We love the blog and think the tree is excellent! Very impressed already decorated! George in Nativity this week being an alien…everyone very excited about advent calendar – Emma has already eaten too many of the days!


    1. Our class at school has an online advent calendar that gives you facts about xmas!


    2. Please send us a picture of George as an alien – sounds like some interesting costumes may have been made!


  8. ps love the snow!! thought at 1st we had a virus!!!


  9. love the tree! We have bought ours but its had to stay outside for a couple of days…just cant deal with Emma getting too excited too soon. George in a nativity this week – an alien!! he has a big part in it as well – poor shepherds, they seem to have had their part axed!
    Why is your dad mashing the potatoes on the floor?
    Now forgotten what I have to vote on….will just have to read this great blog again. Fab – great photos and love what you are up to. Love Becca and Rachel xx


    1. Dad is getting ready to put the pot of mash in a media markt bag!


      1. He said it was because he had to make so much – for 26 people – so he needed more muscle power than usual.


    2. We also think that our tree’s needles will all be off tomorrow evening


      1. The needles are still on! Hip hip hooray!


  10. Diane Hawkings · · Reply

    My vote is not strictly true as it is too early to have my Christmas tree yet, for fear of all the needles dropping on my floor. However, when it comes it will be splendid.
    Also forgot to get the Advent calendar out so tomorrow will just have to go and buy chocolate…


    1. You could have carrots instead this year


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