Global Citizenship Council Representative

Dear Bloggers,

There have not been any really interesting things going on around here, but the highlights include some new plants outside our house.


We have been trying to smarten up the appearance of our lane – Dad did some painting of the outside of our house and even painted a wall opposite the kitchen window that isn’t ours. Inspired by our artist next door neighbour perhaps, who has been busy. We spotted these paintings on the wall of a nearby building site in Anshun Lu.

Graffiti1 Graffiti2

It was book week at school this week. We met an author called Sarah Brennan. I liked her stories, but not the illustrations – but it’s ok, she didn’t do the pictures. We went to school in fancy dress, the theme was heroes and villains. Hardly anyone went as a villain. I went as Harry Potter (of course).


I am very excited to report that I have been selected as my class representative for the Global Citizen Council. I even got a mention in the school newsletter at the end of the week!


I have really got back into lego, after a friend, Paulo, came over & he’s mad about lego. I have nearly fixed all the lego that got broken in the move from America – hoorah!

We had the day off school on Friday because of a staff training day. Dad made me do homework in the morning – I have been writing a horror fairytale based on the Little Match Girl – but then we met Mum for lunch and she had the afternoon off work. We had haircuts in the afternoon, got “Horrible Histories” from the video shop (which is brilliant) and then we went home to make cakes and pavlova.

Saturday night at the movies was Percy Jackson – Sea of Monsters – quite good: 3.5 out of 5.

Today, after a juice frenzy, we went on another one of Dad’s special walks. We walked miles and miles until it was dark and cold outside. We started at Yongkang Lu (Road), at a shop that makes and sells wooden furniture, because we wanted a new wooden-draining-board-sink-cover thing, but the American man was an unhelpful “bleeping bleep” and so we had to carry the board around Shanghai all afternoon until we found a shop near home with a very nice Chinese man who is going to make a new oak board for us. Mum took this picture for James Bryer (whole name james-bryer-pants-on-fire) – she says he likes potatoes & cabbage.


Dad’s walks are from a book that goes on about Art Deco architecture which is a bit boring. Here is an example of something that we went miles out of our way to see – it is “a stylish grill on a front door”. Yawn, yawn.


Well, that is all for now, as I am late for bed and I have school tomorrow.

From, Thomas


  1. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Congrats on holding yet another school rep post.
    Love your efforts to improve the outlook in your lane – excellent plant. Very pleased that your colour scheme is neutral – much more tasteful than some you have found on your walks.
    Can we have a pic of your Lego rebuilds?


    1. I will put some photos on asap.


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Dad seems to take you on rather a lot of walks – are you sure it’s not because he needs to lose a bit of weight!
    Let’s see a picture of your dads painting?


  3. Great blog Thomas! Two very big lego fans here – you’ll have to help with some building next time you are here.


  4. Polly-wolly · · Reply

    Great blog…. I may have, somewhere buried deep…. THOSE letters from James-Bryer-Pants-on-Fire…..


  5. Hi Thomas, wow that door grill is really something special. I’m not surprised you really wanted to walk miles and miles on a cold dark night to see it !! A highlight of that expedition I imagine.
    The cabbages remind me of a joke your Dad knows about the rabbit who goes into the butchers, it is one of his best so you may have heard it once or twice…


    1. …or a hundred!


  6. I think you’ll make a very good class rep’. And I’d very much liked to read your story when its finished. I used to read the little match girl to Amelia when she was little and I cried every time.

    Looks like you’re having better weather than us, I’ve just taken my plants from the front of the house to over-winter indoors.

    Really liking Chinese graffiti !! XXX♥XXX


  7. I wonder if anyone has kept any of James Bryer’s letters from university in which he wrote at great length about the actual price of the cabbages and potatoes he purchased and how long each bag lasted. I really enjoyed this blog Thomas. It had lots of good “every day stuff” in it.. which let’s face it, isn’t everyone’s type of every day…. And congrats on being selected Class Rep. Very impressive!! xx


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