Inspirational Women

Dear Bloggers,

Today, my homework has taken over, so I am sharing a picture of it with you. We have been learning about inspirational women at school, & although I was going to write about Mum, I decided to write about Aung San Suu Kyi. I am now very glad that we saw the film “The Lady” otherwise this would have been very hard.

allworknoplay<<<<With toes!

This year I decided not to go trick or treating, as instead I had dinner with Mum near her office before she had a four hour video conference – Poooor Mum was on night shift last week!


Our Halloween Pumpkin – no dremmel used this year!


Cocktails with Mum at Corso Como – with free snacks, as we were so early for dinner.


We went to a massive light center yesterday with massive lights & hideous chandeliers! We bought some new garden lights & replacement lights for Bisham at very reasonable prices!

We then went to Taobao to stock up on clothes for Winter but didn’t buy any watches or bags. We found a brilliant Hello Kitty shop & I now have some very green trainers.

I hope to have more news next week.

From Thomas


  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Funny picture of you in the light centre – you look like Tom Thumb!


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Excellent choice for your homework although I, of course, think your Mum is inspirational too. What did you use to carve your spooky pumpkin as the edges look black? I wonder if Bromley used his Black and Decker saw! I am with your cousins this week and they have done pumpkins too. Auntie Claire is west – Barbados, Guyana and Suriname. We are tracking you all on the world clock.


  3. Love the pumpkin Thomas!


  4. Aunty Sarah :) · · Reply

    I’m pleased you found a hello kitty shop!


  5. Whats a dremmel?


    1. A really brilliant drill – good for pumpkin carving.


  6. Jacquie Scott · · Reply

    Hey Thomas, I am impressed with your blogging! Good choice of inspirational women too 🙂

    Mrs Scott (your former teacher in Tokyo)


  7. Hi Thomas, was your pumpkin modelled on your Dad as I can see a slight resemblance ?


    1. No, not really. It was just supposed to be a scary-toothed pumpkin.


  8. Hi Thomas. You can see a picture of me trick or treating in a friend’s neighborhood from school on my mom’s facebook page. I got huge bars!! We have a lot of homework this year. Sometimes two hours a night. Are you coming back to the US anytime soon? I might be going to England with my dad on his business trip. It’s not set yet. Your friend, Max


  9. Toes are an excellent feature in homework


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