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Dear Bloggers,

This week we are very excited about G’Pas birthday – which he started celebrating last Saturday with present opening including Skyping with Mum & Dad. At school, we are learning about World War 2, so if anyone has any interesting stories, please let me know. We are trying out some recipes to see what it would have been like cooking during the war – vegetable stew tomorrow for dinner! Yesterday, I went to a pumpkin carving party & today we went for one of Dad’s long walks ……. we saw a few interesting sights & at least it was a lovely sunny day.

Saturday night at the movies was “The Queen” – I do recommend it & rated it 4 stars because it was a bit sad. It was all about the troubles Princess Diana caused by dying & the death of a stag.

We have also been watching “Black Books” – Aunty Claire gave 3 series to Mum & Dad about 6 years ago. It is very funny. We have watched 2 series already.

I’m not sure whether to go trick or treating this week – does anyone have a good idea for a costume?

Chinese word of the week: nán guā (pumpkin)

That’s all folks,



  1. I’m reading a book about ww2 at the moment and they seem to eat alot of meat and potatoe pie.


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    I think you should do a reverse skeleton for Halloween – White sheet with black bones. Do the Chinese celebrate and know what trick or treat is?
    I do hope your ww2 project goes well as you have clearly worked hard.
    Love the motorbike hiding kitten.


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Couldn’t think why your Grandpa was putting his tongue out and then I noticed the bear on the mug – I thought he was being naughty like Benjamin!
    I have never seen cucumbers growing on electric wires before and I think the melted tree looks like an elephants foot.


    1. The bear on the mug is a cat! The feature is that the cat is riding a vellocette.


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