Wot. No visitors?

Dear Bloggers,


Our visitors left today and it seems very quiet around here. After I finished my homework we went for a walk this afternoon, & didn’t have to run to keep up with G’pa’s long legs!

Here are this weeks key features:

-It poured with rain on Mon & Tues as a typhoon came over & we had record rainfall – more than 15cm the highest in 24 hours since 1961!

– A present from Dong Tai Lu (“Russian turtle seals”)


-Fish & chips at Sailors – I think G’Pa enjoyed sitting on a box for his dinner with a Boddington’s beer!


-On Saturday we visited 2 houses – Soong Ching Ling’s former residence in Shanghai & Sun Yat-Sen’s former residence museum


-Picnic in Fuxing Park

-Boat trip on Huang Pu River


we went from the Bund (above) all the way to the Yangtze River (funny to see the following on Google maps)


-The Commune Social for dinner to celebrate (early) G’Pa’s birthday. I helped the dessert queen (Kim) to make G’Pa’s Birthday cake (5 layers, 1 for each of us) & Micheline’s dessert!



A few G’Pa quotes:

  • “wagons roll”
  • “come on team”
  • “you gotta have a pudding”
  • “I bet you would eat that if I gave you a hundred pounds”


-We could hear Roy Orbison playing in the car & the most surprised person was G’pa, when it was his iPhone playing the music

-Stopping the lift to go back to look for the picnic bag that G’pa had over his shoulder all the time

-G’pa trying to get the bill for a hotel & Mum said “Make us!” (give you the bill) with *tiny punches*

And out & about we also saw:

Chinglish? (no herds of rhinos in sight)


Is this house really held up by one pole?


I hope that all you bloggers had a good week too.

From Thomas


  1. Just read three in a row, seems you’ve been very busy as always. Great to see some pictures with your mum in (she’s much prettier than your dad!!).


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    It must seem very quiet now that your visitors have gone home – you seem to have had an action packed two weeks while G’pa was staying with you. Lots of excitement and fun – so now it’s back to normal with a bump and back to school.


  3. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Another interesting blog Thomas. There is a definite food focus each week and I wonder when Commune Social are going to employ you on a permanent basis.
    All well at this end with secrets to be revealed soon.


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