Chinese Walls

Dear Bloggers,

In business a “Chinese wall” is an information barrier implemented within an organisation to prevent exchanges of information that may cause conflicts of interest. We have seen a lot of walls in China this week!

This blog, I am sharing a selection of “family picture”. Our Beijing guide (Bruce Li – the same guide we had on our trip with Suzie) said this a lot & we then all had to pose in front of all the famous views.

We started our trip from Shanghai – flying to Xi’An where we saw a mausoleum, terracotta warriors, walked half of the city wall, explored the Muslim area & mosque with guide Ying Lee. We then took another flight to Beijing, where we saw the temple of heaven, Tianamen square, drum/bell tower & the Hutongs, Houhai lake, Forbidden city, the Great Wall of China at Jingshanlin, Wanfujing food street, Jingshan park, Summer palace, an acrobatics show at Chaoyang theatre, culture street when Micheline had a seal carved, lama temple & Confucius temple. We of course had Peking duck & went to a restaurant called TRB. And saw a LOT OF PEOPLE.

Here are the family pictures:

Li also said OMG 111 times – we kept a count just for Suzie!

We are now on the train on the way back to Shanghai – travelling at 303 km/hour!

From Thomas


  1. Suzie F · · Reply

    Thomas – when are you going to the lake thing? You know, the thing which makes dad cry?


  2. Suzie F · · Reply

    OMG. there’s something missing from these pictures OMG I can’t think what it is OMG oh yes, it’s ME. I’m missing. OMG I’m missing from all these pictures. OMG. Where am I?


    1. Im not going. Mum and G’pa and Micheline are going on Friday.


  3. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Lovely diary of Grandpa’s excursion.
    Did Li say ‘OMG’ or did you teach him the full version?
    I am going to forward your blog to Auntie Vanda who now has an iPad. I will also e-mail you her address to add to your list please xx


    1. He always said “Oh my god”. Pleased to hear I have another viewer.


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