L’Anglais Avec Son Sang Froid

Dear Bloggers,
Micheline and Grandpa (An englishman with a bloody cold) have arrived safely in Shanghai.
Earlier this week, while dad was back in England, Mum and I have been listening to Bastille (As recommended by Auntie Claire).
Since G’pa and Micheline and Dad have arrived, we have been walking our feet off. When they arrived on Friday, we went for a long walk around the French Concession, where we saw this in Ferguson Lane.

20130929-044821 pm.jpg

After that, we walked down to Anfu Lu for a quick drink, but before we got there we decided to exercise the guests.

20130929-044740 pm.jpg

Yesterday we went to Yu Yuan Gardens again (Please see tour around Yu Yuan Gardens) with G’pa and Micheline. This time we saw some things that were very unusual.

20130929-045457 pm.jpg

20130929-045506 pm.jpg

Today we walked along the Bund, and influence by lots of wedding photographs being taken there, we took this of G’pa and Micheline.

20130929-045659 pm.jpg

Tonight we will be going to Mercato, where we will have a wonderful view of the Bund light show.


Thats all for this week!
From, Thomas.

P.s. In order to understand the title of this week’s blog, you need to listen to my great Grandpa’s song which you can find here.


  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    I like the picture of the hare, I had a Belgium hare once called Miranda – she looked just like the one in the picture.
    It’s fun listening to Big Grandpas song. Hope you are all having a lovely holiday and that nobody else has gone down with a (bloody) cold!


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    I hope you are enjoying your visitors, but just remind them of the length of your legs compared to theirs when they walk you for miles.
    Do hope the cold hasn’t been passed around. xx


  3. Great blog, Thomas and great pix. Sorry to hear that Grandpa has a cold, and I hope it hasn’t made him grumpy. Tell him we are missing him! Celia x


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