What’s Cooking?

Dear Bloggers,

This week I had 2 days holidays from school – on Monday it was teacher training day, so I had lunch with Mum & then stayed at her office for the afternoon (she works very hard) & then on Thursday, it was Mid-Autumn festival (even though it is still 30 degrees). Dad went back to UK on Thursday, so Mum & I did some cooking & then went for a very long walk – we saw a few strange sights! We then watched the film “Epic” which was quite good. A nature queen who is very small finds a girl to save the forest from baddies. Friday was when our school celebrated international peace day (a day early). We paid not to wear uniform and loads of other stuff like lying on the ground to spell out the words “peace one day”. On Saturday, Mum was so proud of my settling in report (which was quite good) that we went to Commune Social for brunch, where I made my own dessert with meringue (which I blow-torched), chocolate mousse, raspberries, mini maltesers & chocolate bubbles (brilliant stuff made with agar & egg). We then did some shopping – & in one shop I made an incense holder, which I need to go back to collect once it has been fired. We watched the film “Turbo” – not recommended!  A snail races cars – ridiculous. On Sunday, our electricity was cut off. A surprise to us, but later we found out about a notice in our lane which says no electricity from 9-6 today. I had to do my homework by candle light! As it is a work day in China today, a lot of people came to our house unexpectedly!

– Ayi (helper)
– man to look at the electrics
– 2 men to change water filters in the kitchen
– man from landlord
– man to fix hinges on a door
– man to read the gas meter
– man to deliver groceries
– 3 men to fix an air conditioning unit (& the man from the landlord)

This week I only have 4 days of school before a l-o-n-g holiday ……

From, Thomas


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  1. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Glad to hear that you are surviving with your Mum and that it is not too windy. You all do seem able to find rather inclement weather around the world.
    Your dessert looks really yummy but rather calorific. I am with your cousins this week – they like chocolate lump cake just as much as you. Made yesterday and definitely gone today. Christopher has taken a piece in his lunchbox instead of yogurt – hope Claire doesn’t read this!!


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