PA Practise

Dear Bloggers,

This week it was back to school, and first time being a PA! On Tuesday we chose class jobs, and I am Mr Shrewsbury’s PA! Here are some quick facts about my new school year.

Class: 6S (The smallest in numbers, but biggest in room size!)

Year: 6 (Last in Primary)

Teacher: Mr Shrewsbury

Highlight of the week: Team Building (We played human table hockey and ghost minefield)

The photos – PLEASE roll over for captions

Just for my cousins in France, I have included some photos. We also need my cousin Charlotte and Tasha’s help with identifying a minion.

From Thomas


  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    I’ve just noticed naughty Benjamin in the photo – but Anais seems to think its funny…………not me!


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Will you be Mr. Shrewsburys PA for the whole term? Anyway, well done to get chosen. I like all your pictures this week, especially the ones in France – very happy memories for me.


    1. I will be Mr. Shrewsbury’s PA for the whole year!


  3. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Mr Shrewsbury is very clever to choose you for PA. he must have heard what a good helper you are. Miffy was a favourite in you Mum’s growing up.
    Excellent collage.


  4. Holidays over and back to school. Benjamin and Anais started back today (new school for Anais) they were very happy to meet up with their friends this morning. Amelia & Patch go back tomorrow and aren’t happy at all, even though they have been off for ten weeks now. p.s. nice pics!!!


    1. No, not happy at all ! It’s very very sad ! And our homework isn’t as cool as yours ! Love your poster !


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