Happy Holiday Highlights in pictures

Hello Bloggers!

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC summer holiday. (Or winter, for example if you are in Australia or Brazil) I know I had a good summer holiday, because it was me! Here are some pictures of my summer holiday in a random order.

HIGLIGHTS WITH PICTURES – Roll over to see a caption. Not all have captions.


Rachel’s party at Longridge – & having a go in a hamster ball (water orb)

Granny fix-it’s chocolate lump cake

Swimming in Granny Devon’s swimming pool in France (I know a song that ‘ll get on your nerves – for Benjamin)

“Outnumbered” series 1 on CD from Grandpa

BBQs at Aunty Sue’s, Aunty Sarah’s, Aunty Kath’s (aka Curtley’s) & Aunty Martin  – sorry Fiona & Uncle Martin

Made a pot in Polly’s studio. I painted it blue.

Performed in a garden/tent show with Charlotte, Matthew, Joe & Sam. Some of the lines ….
Bromley is normally doing DIY, he’s very technical
& townsfolk say he’s a friend to all
Elaine, is the least pain of them all

Strange things Dad brought back from UK:

5 litres of citronella oil
6 litres of alcohol
Touch-screen door lock
Toilet roll holder
20 boxes of cereal
2 jars of marmite (& we don’t even like marmite)
A dozen boxes of man-sized Kleenex tissues
Kiwi shoe polish (which can be bought in Shanghai)
1 years supply of deodorant
A bag of string bits (mine)
A dozen union jack Dad’s underpants (made in China)
A curly-wirly hozelock hose (which doesn’t fix the Chinese tap)
And the kitchen sink

OK! That was my holiday blog. Sorry to all the people we did not manage to see. Come back next week for a school blog (My first week in Year 6).


From Thomas, Edited by Elaine (Mum) and thanks to everyone we saw for doing the stuff that we wrote about!


  1. You’ve got a picture of your toilet and not even of your cousins ?!


  2. Great to see you this summer Thomas. I’ve just returned from Mallorca but without any sobrasada for Dad!! Good luck in year 6


  3. It was really good to see you all this summer – especially enjoyed the sound effects from your second show which I still play on my phone every now and then! KPMC x


  4. Brilliant blog Thomas – sorry we did not overlap this summer. Caught up with your mother on her quietest night EVER!
    We loved curious incident too – Millie thought it was fab.


  5. I really enjoyed your holiday Thomas. You packed a lot in and had some great experiences. I loved the show performance Matilda (but not as much as the film which is probably my favourite film ever) and am definitely going to see the Curious Dog production on your recommendation. Grandpa really enjoyed showing you his motorbikes as he told us all about it in the office and how clever you were when he was explaining how the engines worked. Looking forward to the next blog.


  6. Granny Devon · · Reply

    I like the picture of you sitting at the window of your bedroom in Payrignac – France. Do you know anyone who would like to buy our lovely house?
    I’m sure you could recommend the swimming pool.


  7. Great times great memories. Way to go Thomas


  8. Hello from Kazakhstan! This is our third stop along the Silk Road. Fascinating, but have enough of goats, camels, yaks etc, plus brushing my teeth behind the jurt is not my kind of stuff…..
    Glad you are back at school, Mum will have more time for socializing with me :)))


  9. Anais was singing “get on your nerves” only yesterday!! Many thanks Uncle Bromley.


  10. Polly-wolly · · Reply

    ps. We like Elaine’s fav shop too. Hope they don’t sell anything that requires much shelf depth 😉


  11. Polly-wolly · · Reply

    What a busy summer holiday you had, and exciting too, by the looks of it! Glad we to see feature in it too 🙂 . Can I see a picture of your blue pot please??? Big hugs x x x


    1. Oh… We might have left the pot in England but I will ask Mum.


  12. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Lovely to get blogs again.
    Wish I knew you had some flying saucers as they are one of my favourites – your cousin Charlotte likes them too.
    I just have to defend your Dad as I witnessed the grand opening of parcels and am sure that there were only four Union Jack underpants and four other pattern. Unless I have lost the art of counting that is eight – one for each day of the week and one spare – excellent planning!
    The jars of marmite are probably in case Aunty Sarah decides to visit Shanghai.
    Enjoy your first week in Year 6. Byeeeee!!!


    1. Ok, we were sort of making the numbers up if we couldn’t remember. We were in starbucks at the time of writing that bit. I am now eating my breakfast on my first day of school!


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