5I – A Retrospective

Dear Bloggers,

This is the last blog post that I will do before the holidays, and it is all about Year 5 at The British School in Shanghai (BISS). It will include the highlights of the school year and all the awards I have received. This is THE LAST POST I will do for this school year.


Note to Suzie – yes, there are LOTS of lists.


Now… for an amazing blog that will take ages to read……….


Absolute Highlights of everything:

Favourite School Trips:

  1. Nanbeihu – See Residential in Nanbeihu
  2. Science Museum
  3. SAS* athletic day
  4. SAS* football days
  5. Silk Museum (& touching a worm!)

Favourite Lessons

  1. ICT information communication technology
  2. P.E.
  3. Music – “Price Tag” was a highlight
  4. Numeracy
  5. Science

Favourite Extra Curricula Activities

  1. Rugby
  2. Global Classroom – an online website shared by all of the Nord Anglia family
  3. Mathmagicians

Favourite School Lunch menus

  • Plain Pizza
  • Cheese Pizza
  • Rice
  • Umm… anything else?
  • Oh yes… sandwiches are good – pre-ordered are best

Favourite P.E. Subjects

  1. T-Ball
  2. Swimming
  3. Rugby
  4. Gymnastics
  5. Athletics


Awards I have received

  • Star of the week – for always being helpful around class, trying hard in ICT and always helping out with the golden table
  • Star of the week – science
  • 5x Golden Book
  • 10x Golden Book
  • 15x Golden Book
  • CISSA Participation (Rugby)
  • BISS LIONS Participation (Rugby)
  • Mandarin Speech show Participation
  • Silver Medal (12x50m relay)
  • A School Council badge
  • And an uncountable amount of house points!


Teachers that have taught me for at least one lesson

  • Mr Grimwood
  • Mrs Westwood
  • Ms Champagne
  • Mr Davies
  • 王老师(Ms. Wang)
  • Mr. Lewis
  • Ms. McArdle
  • Mrs Harding
  • Substitute 1 – I can’t remember her name
  • Substitute 2 – for 中文


Bus Monitors

  • Smiley
  • Becky
  • Queenie
  • Rita
  • Michelle


Lunch activities

  • School Council
  • Library Monitors
  • Playing


Most important things I learnt

  • Long Division
  • Long Multiplication
  • Victorians

Best 3 books I read

  1. 1.     Alex Rider – Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz
  2. 2.     Alex Rider – Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz
  3. 3.     The Hunger games by Suzanne Collins


Favourite Chinese words I learnt

  • 英国 Ying guo = Britain
  • 苹果 Ping guo = Apple
  • 你好 Ni hao = Hello
  • 谢谢 Xie xie = Thanks
  • 再见 Zai jian = Goodbye


Favourite French words I learnt

  • Mousse au chocolate 
  • Une pomme
  • Le Vendredi


*SAS stands for Shanghai American School


From Thomas

 P.S. When we come to England, we will bring videos of my art exhibition (5I – A Retrospective)

Note we will start blogging again until around the end of august.


  1. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Looking forward to seeing you in Bisham – have a good journey


    1. Check the blog tomorrow – Surprise!!!!


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Looking forward to some more detail on your lists, but what a lot you have done and achieved.
    Can’t wait to see the art exhibition.


    1. The ‘more detail’ will have to be given verbally!

      Check the blog tomorrow – surprise!!!


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