Dad Got Binned


Dear Bloggers,

Very short blog this week due to the REALLY LAZY WEEKEND. One big perk though – NO HOMEWORK! This week at school it was ‘activities week’ even though we didn’t do very many activities. We had no literacy either. The mandarin assessment went surprisingly well – only lost 1 mark on reading! Also I got my 15x Golden Book certificate on Friday.

Happy Highlights
➢ I presented at a school event on my space project (Mum & Dad came to watch)

➢ Party on Friday at our house – 8/14 People Gate-crashed (not you, Eileen!)
➢ I made scones yesterday – first time cooking alone! (just with Mum giving some suggestions)
➢ I went swimming yesterday with Quinn
➢ We went to Amokka for lunch yesterday
➢ We watched 2 films – on Saturday “The Italian Job” – the original & on Sunday “A Wonderful Life”

➢ We bought a new red bin! (& Dad had a lot of help from the shop assistants)

And here’s some photos:

final mixing Delia's recipe - of course! Rubbing the flour & butter

Dad had lots of help choosing BIN photo

Keep the suggestions coming for our holiday in the UK please – as you can see from the first picture, I have started planning!

from Thomas


  1. Curtis family · · Reply

    Yes! Bought in Lanzerote by me!

    Charlotte Curtis


  2. Where can I can get a t-shirt like that? Max


    1. I’m not exactly sure Max. It was a present. I think it was bought in the Canary Islands.


  3. Love your T-shirt!!! 😉


  4. Granny Devon · · Reply

    How did the scones turn out – didn’t see a picture of the finished product. Next thing to do is jam making, perhaps you will be able to pick up a few tips from Donald? I’m counting the days until I see you, I’m getting very excited XXX.


    1. Guess they ate them too quickly!!!


  5. Hope you are still planning to come to the Jam Factory.


    1. Yes, Definitely!


  6. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Well done for all your achievements at school – one whole year now completed.
    Love the red bin – very trendy – aunty Sarah would love one in pink!
    You didn’t comment on the films.I guess you really enjoyed the first. Did you cry in ‘it’s a wonderful life’? I also watched a tearjerker film this weekend – ‘sleepless in Seattle’
    See you soon


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