Where has our fruit shop gone?

Dear Bloggers,
Several odd things have happened this week.

We left the house one morning to find seaweed drying on hangers in our lane (we are quite far from the sea).


Then on Thursday, Dad bought oranges from the fruit shop for breakfast & then when I came home from school the fruit shop was gone. All packed up. Fruit, mattress, cooking pot & toothbrush. Gone.  Where? – we don’t know.

Then we went out for dinner to celebrate Mum coming back from Xi’An & the restaurant we went to had bicycles to sit on at the bar. It was called Cuivre, (French for Copper.)


We then saw this ridiculous outfit made of bath mats in the supermarket. Weird advertising.


A crowd & firecrackers at a building site by our local wet market.

Firecrackers Firecrackers2

We visited an information centre on Saturday & saw photos & models of famous buildings in Shanghai.

Model6 Model7 Model5 Model4 Model3 Model2 Model Model9 Model8

Today we have been busy baking – marble cakes.

Cake4 Cake3 Cake2 Cake1
Let me know if anything odd has been happening where you are.


  1. 🙂 I like the cakes, espiacially the chocolate one, and seaweed on a washing line????????? O.K.


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Only just got back to your blog after talking to you earlier in the week. Very sad about the fruit stall – I wonder if by now you have a new and better version.
    I used to make marble cake for your Mum and her sisters, usually when they had a birthday. They were not in such bright colours as yours though – yummy!
    Looking forward to hearing more about the dragon boat festivities.


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    I like the look of all those cakes – were you having a party or are you going to sell them?
    Hannah says that it probably wasn’t seaweed on the hangers – she thinks it looks like somebodies very old trousers!


    1. We were just going to eat the cake – nothing unusual!


  4. Auntie Hannah · · Reply

    Benjamin had had circus spectacle last night. He climbed up a pole and then balanced on a large ball. It was slightly odd.


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