Strange Sightings on Childrens Day

Dear Bloggers,

Shortest blog ever – but we didn’t do much & I was a bit poorly with a cold.

Well, it was Children’s Day in China last Saturday, so I chose to go out for pancakes & make scones. We tried out “Mr Pancake” which was pretty good (but the queues were very long). We were then too full for scones as well, but we went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients & then made the scones on Sunday. The supermarket was mad! Loads of staff & lots of people dressed up in strange outfits. Dad like the girls with bee wings who were promoting honey. I tried fois gras – but I admit I wouldn’t have tried it if I had known what it really was.

We watched two films this weekend:

1) Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows, which I rate ★★★★

2) The Railway Children, which I rate ★★★★★

Also – thank you to Benjamin and Anais for drawing/painting pictures of the cats for us. The cats have moved and we think they are just behind the fence at the back of the lane. All works of art are gratefully accepted!

photo 2-10 photo 1-11

From Thomas

P.S. is the link to my video – has 17 views!

(a few views behind gangnam style)


  1. Claire · · Reply

    We saw a film at the weekend too……Epic…. Quite good.


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Very very sad that you have been poorly and hope this finds you fully recovered. What an interesting celebration for children, we should have a special day in the UK. Glad you enjoyed The Railway Children – one of my favourites.
    Lovely cat pictures. What did your Dad do to send them away?


  3. Amelia · · Reply

    Foie gras’s delicious! Who cares what it’s made out of! Mmmm…


  4. Granny Devon · · Reply

    We have found a small lack kitten in our barn – we call it Sooty but can’t get near it – it hisses at us and hides behind the logs!


  5. You often have a cold, isn’t there some magic chinese médicine you can take?

    Promise not to take you to the fois gras factory here if you ever come to visit.


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