Dear Bloggers,

This week we are going to have a really exciting blog talking ALL ABOUT NANBEIHU.
The Nanbeihu residential lasted 3 days (2 nights) with 16 HOURS OF ACTIVITY!!!!
Here is a recount of my Nanbeihu experience.

Day 1
In the morning I woke up with intense excitement because I knew then that it would be the best residential ever. I got up and got ready. My suitcase was ready by the door. I got on the bus and waved goodbye to mum and dad. The long drive to school added to the suspense, as we got closer to school. When we arrived, it was an ocean of coloured
T-Shirts. I dropped my passport and bag off and got on the Bus that would take us to Nanbeihu.
When we got to Nanbeihu, we got off the bus and collected our bags. We went to our rooms and changed for the activities ahead. After lunch, red group (my group) had rock climbing. Below is a picture of the climbing wall. We learned how to put our harness and helmet on. We were allowed to hang on the rope in our harness once, and then carry on climbing.


After rock climbing, we had kayaking. It was actually quite fun if you don’t count the lovely English sunshine. I was SOAKING WET. The boat was easy to control and the wind wasn’t too bad. Once we had all got to the island, we played freeze tag. When we were going back to the docks, we were divided into two teams and we tied our boats up! Our team won by about five minutes. When we got back to the hotel, I collapsed into my room and had a nice, warm shower. Dinner was o.k. (Not amazing) then we did practicing for the talent show. My part was to murder the person who murdered the caveman and then get murdered! Bedtime was at 9:30.

Day 2

I woke up around 6:30 ready for the 8 hours of activity that lay ahead.
We had navigation – using a compass where we had to find coins with numbers on them. Our group (in red group) tied first (7-7-3)
We had team building – building the team! At one point we had a human obstacle course!
I had a lot of fun with those activities, but not as much fun as the afternoon:
Hiking was tiring but exciting at the same time. We saw a jumping worm and we went into a pitch-black cave that had statues carved out of the rock!


And we had low ropes! We had to walk along a thin wire and then climb along a rope bridge. The fun part was when you were highest above the ground on the wire.


After the activities we had a buffet BBQ that included lamb, beef, pork, corn and … watermelon. I didn’t eat a lot, but one of the other tables DEFINITELY DID.
We had the talent show, where I murdered the person who murdered the caveman and then got murdered! It was a short night, even though I stayed up watching horrible histories.

Day 3

I woke up around seven o’clock and packed to leave. I was downstairs on time and was prepared for our day on the high ropes. We had the broken bridge first (below) where we had to climb up to a (high) bridge and jump to another bridge and then jump back again.


Then we had the LEAP OF FAITH. The leap of faith was a huge metal pole with a ladder and a platform. The scariest bit was getting on to the platform and jumping! When we left Nanbeihu, I was still excited!


Chinese word of the week:
Hu=Lake (Pronounced who)

Also, our new neighbours are growing up!

Kitten3 Kitten Kitten1 Kitten2

From Thomas.
P.s. If you have viewed the blog from 5 different countries, please let me know!


  1. We went to a place near here called squirrel park, you can see photos us (on my F.B. page). Your cousins were also climbing in the trees and on ropes.


    1. Did they have the same harness as me?


      1. Don’t know but have a look at the pictures and you will see, I’ll put some more pictures on F.B. now.


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    What an adventure – you were very brave doing all those high up activities – they make my knees go all wobbly. I used to watch your cousin Timothy doing wall climbing at his last school. Was the best bit coming home to Mum and Dad?


    1. Yes, you could say that!


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Your blog this week is very interesting and I’m so glad that you enjoyed Nanbeihu – you seem to have been very busy – I think you were in the best group, I like RED.
    The little kittens are growing up and I expect they are beginning to play – I like the tabby one, it looks like Primrose.


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