Weekend with school

Dear Bloggers,

Another busy week at school & a busy weekend. We have some new neighbours – FIVE (update) kittens at last count – we can see their faces from our kitchen window – peeping out from a space in the bricks opposite us.

IMGP8225 IMGP8220
I am off on a trip to Nan Bei Hu next week – staying away for 2 nights, so we have been getting stuff together for that.
On Saturday I went to a football & ping pong party at Arthur’s house. This was a party with people from school. We had Brazilian sweets. Can you guess where Arthur is from?

Saturday night was watching “Elementary” – which I have been getting into this week. I am thinking about being a detective like Sherlock Holmes.

Then on Sunday, it was back off to school again for a concert.

I had a special outfit to wear.

Waiting nervously for my turn.

Can you spot me?
I played “In the eyes of a tiger”.

Back home, Dad did a BBQ, roast potatoes & Yorkshire puddings for dinner – yum!

Chinese Word of the week:
shí zì means Lion (Pronounced shu jzu)

And that’s the way we live our crazy lives!

From Thomas


  1. Auntie Hannah · · Reply

    I’ve just read four posts in a row, it seems you get far too much home-work!! Bet you’re looking forward to the summer holidays.


  2. SuzieF · · Reply

    I also had roast beef and yorkies. It was just one of those Sundays. I like your outfit Thomas!! Very smart.


    1. Thanks. This is officially the 300th comment!


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    How did your recital go, were you playing the piano?
    See if you can take a photograph of the little kittens – I would love to see them.


  4. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Just back home from Claire ‘s birthday lunch, so I had roast beef and Yorkshire puds too.
    The kittens are sweet but don’t let them near your Mum.
    Arthur must be Brazilian and his sweets look v good. Hope you enjoyed them.
    You did look nervous but very smart waiting for your turn in the soloists recital – did it go well?


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