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Dear Bloggers.

This week was very special because it was Labour Day in China on Wednesday and I didn’t have to go to school on that day. The bad news was that I had quite a lot of homework to do. The other thing that happened this week was that Dad became even older.

On Wednesday we had a delicious breakfast (little balls of heaven) and then went to buy me a new school bag as my old one (which wasn’t very old) fell to bits. This was partly because I tend to carry quite a lot of books about but mostly because we bought it at the fake market where things look quite good but never last very long. Suzie’s friend Liz went to the fake market and bought a Hermès Birkin handbag for about £100. This sounded quite expensive to me but apparently real ones cost about £5000. Mum said it looked like a good copy but we don’t know if it will fall to bits by Christmas.

In the afternoon we went to an exhibition of Andy Warhol at a museum in an old power station. We saw his statue in New York last year and Mum and Dad play a song called Andy Warhol by David Bowie on the ipod ALL THE TIME, but I didn’t know what he did. Now I know that he painted cans of soup in his studio called The Factory which was decorated entirely in silver paint. We were not allowed to take photos of the AW stuff but the museum was quite good anyway. There were some modern style Teracotta Warriors! My treat after all this culture stuff was dinner at Sailors Fish and Chips!!!

The new terracotta warriors

The new terracotta warriors

IMGP8078 IMGP8080 IMGP8087

On Saturday it was Dad’s 48th birthday (nearly 50). We woke up quite early and went to Century Park in Pudong (the other side of the river in Shanghai, we live in the Puxi side). No lovely lie-in for Dad as we had put our names down to do a charity, cancer/healthy living awareness walk. There were lots of people dressed in pink and green. We didn’t really stick to the rules about start times but we did do the whole walk and it was quite fun and weird at the same time.

IMGP8149 photo3

Afterwards we went to the Shanghai World Financial Centre which used to be the tallest building in Shanghai until a few weeks ago when the building next door overtook it. The reason we went was because you can go up the tower for free if it is your birthday. So after we went to Starbucks for Dad’s “Free Birthday Beverage” we took the lift (actually two lifts and an escalator) to the 100th floor, 474m from the ground.

Vying for top spot

Vying for top spot


Don't look down!

Don’t look down!

Then we went home and Mum and I made Dad a coffee/walnut birthday cake. Dad chose the recipe and kept trying to help so we had to ban him from the kitchen but he kept trying to be a back seat kitchen driver. Next year I hope he doesn’t want nuts because I don’t really like nuts and we had to do one layer without nuts for me. (Hint, hint – I LOVE chocolate cake if anyone asks). We also made loads of juice with Dad’s new juicing machine. Here we have delicious watermelon; rather strange carrot, orange and celery; and extremely strange apple, beetroot and ginger. I’m not sure about this new cake and juice diet.

You're nuts my lord

You’re nuts my lord

The latest health fad

The latest health fad

In the evening we went to a Spanish restaurant because Granny (Devon) had given Dad a Mallorcan cookery book which had got Dad’s chops going for Tapas.

Aghhhh! Giant squid

Aghhhh! Giant squid

On Sunday Dad did his back in, baking bread. (I told you he is very old now). We couldn’t really do much after that but it was ok as I had MASSES of homework to do, (which is why this week’s blog is a bit late).

Strange sights:

I had never seen a car being towed backwards before.

Driving the wrong way

Driving the wrong way

Someone having a whole new garden delivered (including a gardener!)



  1. granny fixit · · Reply

    Super blog as usual. The art exhibition was particularly interesting although you would have thought they could have put different faces on the terracotta warriors, in line with the old ones. I would not have liked your trip up the tower as heights make my knees go all wobbly.
    Yummy looking cake – I am so looking forward to afternoon tea on your next trip to UK!


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    The birthday cake looks fantastic – well done to the cooks! When it was my birthday I had to make my own cake (a chocolate one).
    How was your meal at the Spanish restaurant?
    Hope Dad is feeling better – how did he manage to hurt his back making bread?


    1. Auntie Hannah · · Reply

      You didn’t have to make your own cake Granny, you made it before we had a chance to. Granny’s making me sound very lazy!!


  3. Celia · · Reply

    What an interesting week Thomas. In fact, every week you have is an interesting week. If I’m not mistaken the new terracotta warriors all have the same face – unlike the old ones. And the walnut cake looked absolutely delicious. Love Celia from Grandpa’s office.


  4. Luigi · · Reply

    Very Well! as usual, interesting week report. And the most relevant news is about the fact Bromley becoming older and older. I have to say it’s a beautiful sign: happy birthday+2days Bromley!!


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