Shanghai Street Art

21st April 2013
Hello World!,
Last week our main adventure was going to see some interesting Shanghai Street Art by Sten Lex. Our Saturday was really horrible if you judge it by the weather, because it was raining or spitting with rain and really really really cold all day. We tried to find something to do inside, so with the help of extensive research from the chief researcher (aka “Mum”), off we went to an art gallery near the Shanghai docks, which was further than we thought it was: A record ¥55 in a taxi! (about 5 Great British Pounds) or about the starting price for a taxi in Tokyo. The Sten Lex solo show. An Italian duo of artists who document images of normal people mixing photography, Op’Art (optical art) and stencil art. We were amazed & spent ages looking at the pictures from close-up & far away. In fact we showed so much interest, that a lady told us where to find other street art near by & about 2 outside projects Sten Lex have just completed in Shanghai. The first one was at the Shanghai docks – the picture was brilliant but the docks are not very pretty, but we found the largest Starbucks in Shanghai. Mum was happy. Anyway, from an article in Time Out – “diligently & patiently cutting away thousands of pieces of paper with their scalpels (sometimes perched precariously on a step ladder), the atmosphere is professional & eerily quiet. “We do the same things at the same time: we cut together, we paint together,” said Lex. Here are some pictures from our day out:

Only other news is that I was awarded a 10 times golden book certificate on Friday & we have been watching TV. We saw Maggie’s funeral (but didn’t see G’Pa & Micheline in the crowd), we have also been watching Fawlty Towers & Dr Who.

From, Thomas
P.S. Off to a party now!


  1. Polly-wolly · · Reply

    Hi Thomas, thanks for forwarding this to me. I had already looked at it and been most impressed with the work (and your photos), but hadn’t left a comment! How remiss of me. Well done on your golden book certificate too.


  2. OOOOH. that looks great Thomas. I’m sorry I missed all that! I’m not sure I could have squeezed in yet another brrrrilllliant experience though!! xx


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Congratulations on being awarded a 10 times golden book certificate.
    The Shanghai street art looks fantastic – a great way to brighten up some rather dull areas in the city. We love hearing all about your adventures.


  4. granny fixit · · Reply

    What an interesting trip around the artistic side of Shanghai. Your Mum was pretty accomplished with a scalpel and paper cutting when at school. In fact I am sure I still have the programme cover she did for the Bonnington play. She couldn’t actually take part in the play as she had stupidly tried to jump over a car on her friend’s horse, and consequently was well plastered.
    I know you enjoyed your party as we have spoken – hope the duck dinner was good also!


    1. It was the horse who didn’t stop because it didn’t see the car according to mum’s story!


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