Suzie’s gone. Peace at last.

14th April 2013

Dear Bloggers,

Last week we had some more trips with Suzie. We took her to see the Shanghai Propaganda poster art museum & she purchased a soopa doopa souvenir pictures of a military ballet. We then watched the film “Mao’s Last Dancer” so she knew more about her picture. She cried. So did Dad. We also went to see Jing’An temple, which is by Mum’s office. I made Suzie bed tea & an omelet for breakfast. I think she was quite impressed.

Mum & I had to go back to school/work this week. So Suzie & Dad went to Hangzhou to see lots of people having their wedding photos taken, tea, temples & Impressions of the West Lake [so Dad has been singing Jane Zhang ALL week]. We tried a new local tapas restaurant with Suzie & Liz – which was quite good but the cocktails are not recommended & we also took Suzie to Garlic (as it’s my favourite restaurant) for our last supper. Suzie went home with a new wardrobe of clothes, so look out for the new look.

Thank you very much to everyone who took part in our quiz. I think that last week’s quiz was a bit difficult, but the top score was 7 out of 10, so if you still thinking of doing the quiz don’t open the answers, which are in the document below:


Suzie went back home on Friday, so we are of course very sad. We are however, missing a few small items from the house, so if anyone is going to see her please let us know & we will send a description of the missing items.

This weekend Summer has arrived. Yesterday we went to see a 007 exhibition to celebrate 50 years of James Bond, which was very exciting. Today I went for a swim & did homework.

This week in pictures:

Jing’An Temple


Jing'An temple

Jing’An temple

IMGP7769 IMGP7763

Wedding Pictures

IMGP7807 IMGP7804 IMGP7802 IMGP7801 IMGP7797

Impressions of the West Lake

IMGP7898 IMGP7860 IMGP7836 IMGP7835

Mum made dinner


007 Exhibition at Red Town

bondcar bondbar

Chinese word of the week:
Beijing – which means North Capital.
Guess what Nanjing means?

That’s all folks,
From Thomas


  1. Auntie Hannah · · Reply

    Garlic is a great name for a restaurant, I think I’d like to go there.


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    You have certainly learnt a great deal about China during Suzie’s stay in Shanghai. And due to your very very hard quiz, I have learnt a lot too. Now I know the results I don’t feel so bad about what I thought was my dreadful score. More research this week – Nanjing means ‘Southern Capital’ although it is in east China. Oh dear my head hurts!! Whatever next?


    1. Sorry I made a mistake, the top score was 7 (not 5). But yes, you are correct – Nanjing means Southern capital – “nan” means south & it is in the south of the flat part of China – a sort of basin – you will need a topographical map to see this clearly.


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