11,955 Pigs so far …..

17th March 2013 (8 days to go)

Dear Bloggers,


As some of you have noticed, it has been 2 weeks since the last blog – here are some of the reasons for this:

– I had so much homework for my Victorian project last weekend that I did not have any time to blog
– Mum was in Beijing (so without an editor I was worried that the quality may be reduced)
– too poorly (the whole family have been on antibiotics, but all much better now)
– I have been closely following the news of the dead pigs being pulled out of the Huang Pu river in Shanghai & nearby (don’t worry- we are not drinking the water)

Back to the previous blog – I can put you out of your misery now & tell you that after being washed & dried in rice my phone works perfectly!
Please leave a comment below if you voted everything was OK.

News from the last few weeks – we dressed up as Victorian children at school for a Victorian day, the teachers were also acting like Victorian teachers too…..(With a dunce hat of course)

We have been busy preparing for Suzie’s visit later this month, which we are getting very excited about – this has included repainting the blackboard,

killing the cockroaches & trying out new restaurants (any excuse):

Shintori – food came upstairs in a dumb waiter, excellent food presentation, has an open plan kitchen, noodles came in a bowl made of ice & was excellent (5 stars)

Saffron – first time we had banana & chocolate samosas (4 stars)

Vis-a-Vis – nice waffles (4 stars)

Tsukiji Aosora Sandaime – best tuna makis in China so far (5 stars)
Here are some “Chocolate Vegetables” which we made dad try for a laugh.

Lynn – Shanghainese food, best prawn dumplings (4 stars)

Films watched:
Hotel Transylvania – Thomas rating is 4 (the dracular smiles too much)
Shanghai Calling – Dad & Mum rating is 1 (good looking leading man has nice abs, apparently!)

Pìng gúo – apple

Dad has been cooking – he took a Persian cooking class & then was a teacher for a ginger macaron class & took some of his macarons to Vis-a-Vis & he is going to be their new supplier, as soon as I have completed an excel spreadsheet to work out the selling price.
Persian cooking…

Yesterday, I got a new badge, which I will wear next time we walk down the Bund!

And Dad went shopping this morning with this – we never really thought of cuddling a pistachio, did you?

From, Thomas

P.S. Happy 2nd anniversary mum and dad for yesterday. Dad says they were not the worst two years of his life.
P.P.S. Happy Birthday Cousins – you know who you are.


  1. I am happy to eat deep fried cockroaches Thomas so don’t get rid of them all. Perhaps with a bile coloured macaroon on the side. I’m very impressed your dad is now a baker!! Excellent. See you sooooon. x


  2. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Glad you are back with your blog – missed you. Sorry you have all been unwell and hope better now. Love the look of the strawberries and waffle, that Is a good pick me up especially if you have chocolate sauce on them. I think Claire is half asleep – the rice dish looks great and also I think vegetarian. Glad your phone is working and apologies to your Dad.
    I someone else who also has a birthday soon – hope your parcel arrives in time or Mr Postman is in trouble. I expect a photo. Xx


  3. Poor cockroaches 😦 😦 and pigs 😦 😦 , the pistachio looks cuddly!
    great blog thomaaassss 🙂


  4. Like the blog this week.
    Have some questions….. What’s the rather alarming rice and potato dish….. Or is that what someone did after trying someone else’s food? Are the pistachios wasabi flavoured? What’s your dad doing in the photo? If you are feeling poorly do waffles, strawberries and chocolate vegetables work better than antibiotics?


    1. The answer to your first question is Dad’s persian cooking (as it says in the blog), which is not covered in puke. I know the pistachios were plain, and dad was painting the blackboard (as it says in the blog). Waffles certainly do make me feel better!


      1. Claire Hawkings · ·

        Excuse me!!!!!! The blog did not say the photo was the dish your Dad cooked…it said he’d had lessons AND the photo did not say he was painting the blackboard in the ACTUAL photo…..

        …..will there be a survey of what the blog readers think of the answers to their questions????



      2. OK I belive you. No survey about the replies though.


  5. Auntie Hannah · · Reply

    are ginger macarons nice? I think I prefer raspberry ones.


    1. Ginger macarons are Dad’s speciality. They really are delicious! And soon he will be a supplier to a caf.


  6. Granny Devon · · Reply

    I don’t understand about the dead pigs, can you explain?
    I like the look of the Persian meal and you certainly seem to be trying out some wonderful restaurants – lucky Susie.
    Hope your mum and Dad received my Happy wedding Anniversary email.


    1. The dead pigs are apparently pigs that have died of disease. The farmers just chuck the corpses in the huangpu river, where they are carried downstream to Shanghai. The number 11,955 is the number of dead pigs fished out of the huangpu river in and near Shanghai. Information from Google news search on: Pigs in Shanghai. I hope this answered your question!


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