Ring Ring Ri….

3rd March 2013 – Photos added 4/3/13

Dear Bloggers,

Curtley gets last weeks prize for the funniest suggestions for the road sign. It is in the post. We are still researching what it really means.

During the past seven days, we have collected enough exploits to write another post. We have been having “mobile mishaps” that all started on Tuesday. The story is that my mobile phone went in the washing machine (in the pocket of a fleece) and went through a 40 degree 1 hour cycle and then full-power ultra spin. I noticed it was missing mid-cycle – a bit too late! After the wash finished, we retrieved the phone, took off the battery cover and removed the battery, then we removed the SIM card and put all of it in a bowl full of jasmine rice (Dad saw this trick on a recent episode of “Elementary”).

Poll: What do you think happened to the phone?

At school this week I was appointed “library monitor” which was quite fun. We have been shelving books & learning the dewy codes (the catalogue label). Library monitors will be getting badges after the Easter holidays, if they are serious about their jobs (turning up for days you said you would come – minimum twice a week etc). I am going to go to the library every day – we have break & lunch break every day – so except Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri lunch break I will go to the library. Mon lunch break will be free, Tues lunch break I have school council & Thurs lunch break I have rugby. Library monitors can take an extra book out of the library each week & can reserve books first, which is the best privilege we have.

Friday after school we all went to the dentist & had appointments at the same time, which was quite funny. I had impressions taken for a sports mouth guard, as the one I have doesn’t fit very well. I chose a red & white one which I can pick up next Friday. The dentist is next to Din Tai Fung, so that’s where we had dinner – lots of xiao long bao.

And then fantastic news – Suzie got a visa to come to Shanghai for Easter! So please send lots of parcels to her to bring over! (Dear Suzie – if you are reading this, please feel free to comment on your luggage allowance & suitcase space).

Saturday morning I had two games of rugby, then met Mum for lunch (sushi & then pancakes for pudding) & then Saturday night at the movies was “Sherlock” which I am rating 4/5.

Today after going out to try out a new pancake place (closed for renovations, so had to go to another place) it was back to the Doctor for new medicine as the sniff-cough-vomit is getting boring. We then went to a warehouse & I got a free abacus!

Below are a few photos from out & about this week.

That’s all folks!


  1. VERY much looking forward to my trip Thomas, though am worried I might distract you from your daily trips to the library. HA HA re lots of parcels… I’ve just sent out a begging letter to some locals to see if anyone has a larger suitcase I can borrow so I may well have room for more!


  2. granny fixit · · Reply

    A very late response – sorry. I think you had sim card and rice for Friday night supper. (Sorry Bromley)
    Hope you made it to library monitor and look forward to hearing this p.m.
    Now I know you have had lovely weather this week as your Dad has been bragging on facebook and your Mum phoned me this morning from Beijing but I have to report that as I write here in good old England it is windy, cold and snowing! I do not lie.


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    It seems to me that something odd happens to you every week – I hope the phone survived or it could be a very expensive mistake. Exciting news that Suzie is visiting you at Easter. I am sending this comment from Mallorca – we will be returning home tomorrow and will be in Devon on Friday.


  4. Curtley · · Reply

    Was the jasmine rice cooked or raw as I feel this will make a big difference to my answer ?

    PS very excited to be a winner as Charlotte and Matthew frequently call me a ‘loooser’ and now I can prove them wrong.


    1. It was dry, uncooked jasmine rice.


  5. Auntie Hannah · · Reply

    Your dad had a hamster that went in the washing machine once, I think it broke it’s leg.


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