Sunday 10th February

Dear Bloggers,
Last Sunday, Dad & I went on a bike ride to Red Town for rugby practise – but Dad blew up the ball too much & it has split. This week at school was counting down to Chinese New Year. Tuesday was party on the school bus for Megan’s birthday – we had drinks (pre-ordered), lots of food, one party popper which failed to go off with a bang, music, presents & cards. I took a box of Cadbury’s chocolate fingers & a reserve speaker for the music. In the afternoon we had a school disco, with music from the school band. Dad went out to a dinner party, so Xiao came to babysit. On Wednesday at school we had a Chinese New Year assembly with dragon dances, singing & poems by students & authentic Shanghainese opera. Here’s a couple of pics of the opera singers:

On Wednesday Joan, Sal & Brett came for dinner – Dad made curry & I did a house tour. I think that Sal liked the view from the balcony! On Thursday we were packing up for the holiday & we did some Chinese calligraphy – fu (prosperity). Bad news – remember the nightmare beep-beep-beep? Well, it started again on Thursday night & because everyone is on holiday, it is still beeping. Dad covered the alarm with a towel & taped it up this time. On Friday, it snowed & we watched films all day until Mum came home. Mum was a bit too “sleepy” to go out on Saturday, so we had a lazy day at home doing the packing. As it was Chinese New Year, as soon as it got dark the firecrackers & fireworks started. There were big bangs all night – especially around midnight – the noise was deafening & Dad went out to see what was happening. Firecrackers were being lit in the road & buses had to try to go around them! I found a hongbao (a red packet/envelope – with money in it) under my pillow this morning – thanks Mum & Dad! We had an early start to catch a flight to Kunming. Kunming is known as the city of spring & has a 2,000 year history. More on that once we have visited. On the way to the airport this morning there were piles of firecracker debris in the streets! We had hongbao on the plane – with chocolate money inside.

Happy highlights:
Megan’s bus party

Boo lights:
Mum was away

Strange sights & happenings:
Firecrackers, firecrackers & firecrackers
– Below, Used firecrackers in the morning

Mum won a cup for the best bowling team

Chinese of the week:
Xin yen quai le (shin yen cwi ler) – happy new year

Wishing you all a very prosperous year of the snake!
From Thomas


  1. Polly-wolly · · Reply

    Happy New Year xx


  2. Granny Devon · · Reply

    You seem to be having a lot of fun – and yet another holiday, I’m beginning to feel rather jealous! How long do the New Year Celebrations go on for? Look forward to hearing all about Kunming – hope you all have a great time.


    1. The celebrations last about a week for the traditional families.


  3. Dear Thomas,
    always a pleasure to read your blog!
    Xin nian kuai le to you and your parents and to Joan and Sal (sill there?) and… long happy and lucky life to the Snake!


  4. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Kung hei fat choi. I thought they were supposed to be discouraging firecrackers this year. Clearly the instruction reached the UK but not Shanghai.
    Have a lovely holiday and many more hong boa, especially the ones with chocolate in them. Xxx


    1. What does Kung hei fat choi mean? In case this is interesting, you recently posted the 200th comment!


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