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Dear Bloggers,
This week we have been continuing our holiday near Krabi, but today (Saturday) we leave to go back to Bangkok. The theme of the week was “just for the experience”.

After a very lazy day strolling on the beach & swimming, we went kayaking. Fifteen minutes into the trip, Dad nearly capsized the kayak when he leapt off, trying to catch his sunglasses as they fell into the water (any questions – please leave a comment below). As he was at the back, neither I or Mum had any idea what had happened. (Mum later told me all about when she & Nikki capsized on Kath’s hen weekend – if either Nikki or Kath are reading, please let me know your side of the story).

We walked to a Nature Park near our hotel, which had a 3.7km trail through it. We walked up & up in our flip-flops, through the rain forest & managed to make it half way before turning back when the steps got too steep.
We went to a New Year’s Eve party on a pretend cruise ship, which started with us getting passports & boarding passes (we had boarding passes 001, 002 & 003). We then had cocktails & entertainment from a fire show & other dancers. We then “boarded” the cruise ship. There was a buffet dinner & Dad broke the chocolate fountain. He dropped a strawberry into the chocolate reservoir, then he tried to get the strawberry out & knocked over the fountain so the pump had no pipe to pump the chocolate up (Oh, Daaaaaad!). There was singing & dancing, there were games, a countdown 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 HAPPY NEW YEAR! …………. Tuesday ………….. champagne & fireworks, then a bit more champagne.

After a lazy lie-in, we went to Ao Nang & tried out a “fish massage” – very tickly! & then tried an open-backed taxi (Songthaw) home.

An early start – we were picked up by the Smart Cook Thai cookery school & were taken to the Krabi market. Ivy (our teacher) showed us around & we saw things like turmeric as a root! We sniffed at lots of herbs & saw lots of different sized chillies (but no bhult jololikas). Dad bought peppercorns & palm sugar so was very happy. Then we went to school. We cooked soup, curry, salad, spring rolls & desert. It was all just very delicious. I learnt that the 3 main ingredients of Thai cooking are fish sauce, oyster sauce & sugar. My favourite food that I cooked were banana spring rolls & sticky rice with really fresh mango. Mum’s happy because I still have all my fingers intact! Dad has learnt lots of new tips for making curry.

Off to Ao Nang again for a late lunch by the sea & then took a tuk tuk to the night market. Dad bought more peppercorns & palm sugar & fish paste. I tried slices of palm sugar – which are like discs of loveliness.

Mr Bew took us to the Krabi market for breakfast. We had khanom krok (small coconut milk pancakes), mango slices, chicken rice, chicken satay & fresh orange juice – yum. Then we set off for the tiger cave temple. We climbed 1,237 stairs up a limestone karst to see amazing views – definitely worth the effort – & a massive Buddha at the top. Coming down was much easier than going up. I have really got into trip advisor, so I rated all our activities & our hotel. Then as Friday night is curry night – we went to a local Nepalese & India restaurant (rated highly by trip advisor) & came home in a tuk tuk.

We checked into our hotel in Bangkok & whizzed off to see Jim Thompson’s house. Our taxi driver had no clue how to get there, so we arrived late, however I looked so sad that a very kind lady agreed to give us a private tour. Jim Thompson joined 6 Thai houses together & collected some very old Buddhas before he disappeared in 1967. We had dinner in a restaurant in his garden which was fantastic.

We got back to Shanghai just in time to open our Xmas presents & then take down the Xmas decorations. There really is no place like home!

Thai Tidbits:

Wierd sights and strange happenings

Thomas XXX

P.S. any questions? – just ask!


  1. Polly-wolly · · Reply

    Can’t wait to try all your curry creations. xxx


  2. I look forward to you cooking for me when I come and visit you. OH yes. Please get in plenty of practice and hang on to all your fingers ’til then. I must say mum looks GORGEOUS in her hat. xxx


    1. We have a spare pirate hat for you to wear when you come here!


  3. Your week sounded great fun, but now going back to school is going to be even more disappointing! We nearly capsised our canoe this summer on the river but that was only because we couldn’t steer properly! And Bromley, that was a bit of a waste of the chocolate fountain! Xxx


  4. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Your latest blog has taken my breath away – how lucky you are to have been to all those places, seen all those wonderful things and eaton such delicious food – the photos are fantastic I feel as if I’ve been there too.
    I bought Grandpa a wok for his birthday in the hope that he will start cooking some nice Thai dishes, but no luck so far I think it maybe quite a long wait!


  5. granny fixit · · Reply

    What an interesting week – school will be a bit of a letdown after all this. It does seem that food features high on the family list of priorities!
    I was particularly interested in the facts about Thailand and had no idea that the population is so high – 64m against the UK’s nearly 60m. Had I been asked to guess my number would have been much lower.
    Very envious of the fresh mango – my favourite fruit – especially palatable if you have a sore throat.


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