30th December 2012

Hello Bloggers!

This week we have been on holiday in Thailand, relaxing by the beach for most of the time. Everyone here is very excited about Christmas and 2013!


On Sunday we had to get up early so we could catch a Thai airlines flight to Bangkok. It was a shortish flight from Pudong airport to Bangkok. After we got to our hotel to drop our bags off, we then took the hourly tuk tuk to the nearest skytrain station. Then, we took the skytrain to a boat terminal – where we got on a REALLY busy boat along the Chao Phraya River to the nearest pier to Wat Pho. The River was full of boats & we could see lots of Wats & hotels etc. Unfortunately for us though, by the time we got to Wat Pho, it had already closed, so we got a taxi back to the hotel. One hour later, we left to have dinner with Suchat (Mum’s Thai friend from work) at a Thai restaurant. I liked the food, but I could barely stay awake because of minor jet-lag and getting up early. Dad LOVED the food & was very excited about having someone to order for him.


On Monday we woke up and had breakfast – there was a whole honeycomb! Then we took a taxi to Wat Pho, where we saw the reclining Buddha, put a coin (1 satang) in 100 pots & bought a tile for a new roof.

Facts about Wat Pho:

  • largest temple in Bangkok
  • the reclining Buddha is 46 metres long
  • the feet are 3 metres long
  • the bottom of the feet are decorated with mother of pearl

After a really long ride in a tuk tuk back to the hotel, Dad & I had a head & neck massage (lovely!) & we then hopped on a short flight to Krabi. We arrived just in time for a Christmas Eve party – with monkeys & a snake, singing, a fire show, Father Christmas, sexy santa, delicious barracuda & a chocolate fountain. And we set off lanterns from the beach which looked really good floating over the sea.



Father Christmas found me & left a puzzle box in my stocking – I can keep all my secrets in there, as no-one will be able to work out the 21 moves to open it! He left some blueberries in the mini-bar, a gadget for Dad (laptop cooling bar) & cosy socks for Mum. We brought a few presents with us, & I spent most of the day loading songs/listening to music on my new iPod nano. We had a lazy day walking along the beach & then watching the sun set.

Wednesday (BOXING DAY)

We got up early & took a long tail boat to Hong Island – we stopped to snorkel & saw lots of striped fish & a sea cucumber (see first ever post for facts on sea cucumbers)  – which “gooed” all over Dad’s arm. We visited a lagoon & stopped off at another island for a walk, before heading for home.





We took another long tail boat & went fishing – we all caught lots of fish, but too small to keep for dinner. The pretty fish had really poisonous spines on their backs, so we let Man (our boat driver) take them off the hooks.

We went to Ao Nang – the local town – to see what was there (not much). But we bought a spade to dig big holes in the sand. Surprisingly Mum chose an Egyptian Restaurant for dinner – but the food was excellent & I tried my first shisha.


Elephant trekking, Catfish (& several other things like turtles & crocodiles – which was the excuse Dad needed to sing “crocodile shoes”) farm & a dip in a natural pool (very refreshing).

When we got back, we dug a huge hole on the beach, until it was too dark to see.


Off to Ao Nang again to the market. Which was a bit disappointing. We had a Tuk tuk ride to see the Louise Bourgeois (the spider lady) sculptures. Which were REALLY disappointing. They are no longer there. Another tuk tuk ride to a restaurant – which was closed. MORE disappointment. So we took a long tail boat along the coast back to the hotel – which was brilliant. We swam, played catch & connect four & watched another fantastic sun set.

We have some of this in our hotel room:


A combined mosquito & snail repellent. “How fantastic” says Dad, who is very, very excited about this product (Mum & I have no idea why).

Does anyone have any suggestions for any alternative combinations?


With a very special thanks to Uncle Doctor Cezary, for checking my blog in THREE countries in 1 week.

And wishing all you bloggers a very Happy New Year from Thailand ……..

From Thomas


  1. Sawadeeka Thomas, your holiday looked so much fun! See you soon! eileen xx


  2. Curtlies · · Reply

    Happy New Year Thomas and also to your mum and dad – we missed celebrating with you especially as we had spare marshmallows for you to play chubby bunnies with but are glad you had such a brilliant time! Lots of love xx


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    What a fantastic time you are having – I’m trying hard to win the lottery so that I can have a lovely holiday like you’re having next year!
    Lots of love and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR from Grandpa and ME xxx.


  4. Polly-wolly · · Reply

    Your Christmas sounds lovely. We’re getting wet, wet, wet (not the band), in the rain but have had a full house with far too many late nights and too much food and drinks. Missed you and your Mum & Dad. Happy New Year. x x x


  5. Granny fixit · · Reply

    What a lot of interesting adventures in one week. Look forward to trying to open the box. Enjoy the rest of your hols and a happy New Year to you all.


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