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Saturday 22nd December 2012

Dear Bloggers,

This week has been very exciting due to the fact that I had no school, Dad has gone on strike from cooking & it has been leading up to Christmas. Unfortunately, Christmas brings “lowlights” as well – too much shopping & Christmas markets are no fun – bah humbug! Hopefully some of you received a card from us – but if not, here is a copy of our newsletter:

XMAS Newsletter 2012 v2

Picked up a new hat at the market on Monday

Picked up a new hat at the market on Monday

With some onions and potatoes - delicious!

With some onions and potatoes – delicious!

Highlights (in order of score, highest to lowest):

1. Chinese Lessons (at Berlitz, at the same time as Dad)

Everyday this week I have been having extra Mandarin lessons, so I can really improve my Mandarin & catch-up with other people at school who have been learning for longer. They were fun because I was learning different ways to remember the words AND I got free Starbucks vouchers. The lifts were also good because they had no buttons inside – you dial in the floor number on a panel in the lift lobby and the panel would tell you which lift to go to (A, B, C e.t.c.). I think that Dad has made some progress with his Mandarin & is catching up with me.

2. Camera Fixed!!!

On Monday, we went to the camera superstore near Mum’s office where they had EVERYTHING related to cameras! Literally, they had everything you needed to make your own mini Hollywood film studio. They had cameras, tripods, GREENSCREENS!, camera dollies, digital clapperboards; and most importantly, a camera repair station where I finally got my camcorder fixed!!!!!!! Lots of men in rows were repairing cameras with magnifying glasses, with tiny bits of camera & magnifying glasses & they looked like knew what they were doing. We picked up my fixed camera yesterday – with a fixed a focus – so now I can make another film. BTW my first film – 5 Must Sees in NY – is now available on dvd on request.

3. Shanghai Circus

On Thursday evening, we went to the Shanghai Circus where we saw a acrobatics show. The different acts were very, very impressive. They were a similar style to “cirque de soleil”. Dad & I liked a man who stood balanced on a cylinder, added trays on glasses & then kicked dishes onto his head, catching them until he had a big pile on his head. Mum liked the flying dancers best.

4. Lost Heaven (Bund)

We went to Lost Heaven for dinner on Friday. I have been to a different Lost Heaven restaurant before, but this one is near the bund, so we could see the lights again. The roast chicken is fabulous & the fruit platter has carved watermelon. The foodis Yunnan style & the restaurant has interesting photos from Yunnan.

My dessert

My dessert

5. Tea at the Penninsula Hotel

On Wednesday, it was horrible weather, cold & raining, so to cheer ourselves up we went to see the huge Xmas tree, gingerbread house & gingerbread village in the Penninsula hotel lobby – which is definitely the most Christmassy scene in Shanghai. We had tea, cakes & scones – yum!


Dad playing about with the tea-pot holders.

Dad playing about with the tea-pot holders.

6. Mum’s Office

I delivered chocolates to everyone who works on the same floor (16th) as Mum. I also went to see Mum’s new office, which will be on the 59th floor. Not much of a view, as it is up in the clouds. I helped pack some boxes, as the big move is happening next week while we are away.

Mums favourite xmas tree-with real minis on!

Mums favourite xmas tree-with real minis on!

7. Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

This was really weird. We got tickets, which let us go into a pod (on rails) which took us under the Huang Pu River in a tunnel. The tunnel represented the journey to the middle of the Earth, with weird lights & sounds. Probably took about 3 mins. Not recommended, not worth the money & glad we only got tickets one-way.

8. 2012 Christmas Market at Xintiandi

On Friday afternoon we got tickets to the market – but it was not worth the entrance fee. There was one stall which was selling just dates, but they only had 2 boxes. The Christmas tree in the middle of the lake was  alright & I got a free sample of chocolate.


The Best Pizza in Shanghai

You may have noticed that I have been trying out margherita pizzzas at any chance. This week, I tried 2 new venues for pizza, so here’s my Shanghai pizza ranking so far:

  1. Henke (new entry – Wednesday lunch & Thursday dinner)

    Henke pizza

    Henke pizza

  2. La Strada/Amokka
  3. Issimo (new entry – Monday dinner – thanks to Joan & Sal for the recommendation)

    Issimo pizza

    Issimo pizza

  4. Pizza Marzano (same as Pizza Express, same owners, different name)
  5. A Cote (horrible cheese in my opinion – but highly recommended by Brett & Dad liked it)

Chinese Word(s) of the Week:

Pìgú – peegoo – bottom (body part)


Dad liked this typo:


Also, look what Dad had for breakfast this morning, no it is not frogspawn.


Blog is being posted early this week, as we fly off to Bangkok early tomorrow morning……….. so I had better get packing ………..

From Thomas


  1. Polly-wolly · · Reply

    yuk, that frogspawn thing looks horrid BUT i do like the mini-Xmas tree. Mini, it isn’t or can’t be! Very impressed by your chinese lessons, make sure you stay ahead of Bromley 🙂



  2. Thomas, Thank You for the honorable mention in regard to Issimo. wish we were back in Shanghai with you all.


  3. granny fixit · · Reply

    Very interesting as usual Thomas. Peegoo is quite appropriate really – interesting word. Love Brom’s ear muffs!
    Especially looking forward to lots of piccies now that your camera is fixed. Enjoy Thailand and come back safely.


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