No more school until the 7th January😃😃😃

Written: 16th December 2012     Posted: 18th December 2012      Last Updated: 19th December 2012

Dear bloggers,

This week we have been preparing for christmas, which our advent calendar tells us, is 9 days away.
Sitting in the kitchen doing the blog this week!

It has been a week of parties🎉
There was my Xmas party at school, mums party at work and our party at out house. How much fun can people have?

We have been feeling christmassy🎄🎅


Bought some lights for £1.50

Bought some lights for £1.50

Happy highlights😊
-School report. All As and Bs Mum & Dad are very proud.
-New bicycle outfit for dad

-crepes for breakfast !!!!!!!!


-Garlic – New second favorite eatery in Shanghai





-We bought some lonjing tea from this shop


Chinese words of the week🈷🇨🇳
Shan tan qui leu. Means happy christmas.
I hope you understand that only 15% of signs here are chinglish, so we do not see it every week. This week was one of them.


New category – Weird sights/Strange happenings
How many people can you fit in one apple store?

This week there was a really bad blockage –


P.s. I have updated the last post to include the fun fact – chinese horoscope – and a piccie of dads brilliant hat.

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  1. Nice blog; it’s both fun and informative so you cannot ask for more than that. If my school lessons had been more like this, I would have studied a lot harder!

    From the picture of you on the table, I think you look as if you have grown taller since the summer.

    Have a good time @ Christmas

    Celia from Grandpa’s office


  2. What’s in your crepe?
    Don’t you have any chairs….or were you impersonating a gnome?
    Well done on your report ….haven’t dared to open Timothy’s!!!! ……(Tim, hope you haven’t read this!)


    1. In the crepe was whipped cream and something tasted like stewed pears and blueberries.


  3. granny fixit · · Reply

    Very well done on the excellent school report.
    Love your Christmas tree and especially love Brom’s cycling cape – I remember having a yellow one like that many many years ago.
    Thank you for not getting too close to the blockage – just right amount of info. xxx


  4. I absolutely love your brilliant blog – it has cheered up my day reading it – much more interesting than 2013 budgets which would not even get one star


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