Where did you get that hat (Dad)?

Hello Bloggers,

Big news this week – as I drink a very frothy hot chocolate – Grandpa & Micheline’s bike is on the front cover of a magazine:

frothychoc Velocette

And Dad got a mention on the BBC World Service Outlook programme for sending in the words of a lullaby written for him by his Grandpa.

As it gets colder in Shanghai, the noises (of phlebm removal) get louder. Gro-o-o-oss. And the outfits get more interesting – a lot of duvet outfits are on show this winter. It was Dads turn to get his picture taken this weekend, thanks to his moose hat which was very popular in Tianzifang & along the bund.

Here is a picture of dad having a picture taken with his fans!

Here is a picture of dad having a picture taken with his fans!

We also received a tree this week – no idea who it is from, or what it is for! A fir tree with gold wrapping around the pot.


Happy highlights:
– We been joined by bloggers in Russia, Switzerland & Finland
– Geomag arrived from Granny Devon & I have been constructing stuff ever since
– Nighttime bund view from Boca – the lights on the tall buildings on Pudong were brilliant, especially the light show on the Citi bank building – the view was spectacular & I can’t wait to go on a pirate ship on the Huang pu river one day

ILoveShanghai Pudong Pearl
– Sailors fish and chips YUMMY!


– Boca’s lamb chops were DELICIOUS!


Great view from our table.


Entrance hall of the restaurant.


Delicious. My favourite!

Fun fact – chinese horoscope (researched by granny fix-it)

The Chinese Calendar

Chinese word of the week

Wo shì yíng goū ren
I am British




Last weeks poll

We collected one URL from Suzie with a video of watching paint dry. If you are prepared for everlasting boredom, click here

We also have watched a video with the song playaway that we found really boring. Just search playaway in youtube.

This weeks poll

The advent calendar on the wall, the Jackie Lawson advent calender & the advent candle remind us that it only 17 days to Xmas.
Last week at school before the holidays this week.

Enjoy Advent,
From Thomas


  1. charlotte · · Reply

    hi Thomas My topic at school this year is going to be China so can you tell me more fun facts please?



    1. Ok, what do you want to know? I could look up anything!!!


  2. Happy Holidays Thomas!! I’m out of school in two days and leave for several for a hockey tournament in Maryland and will visit Washington DC in the process. Have a great New Year! Maybe we will see eachother again?


  3. Hi Thomas, your ma’s cousin here. Just popping in to say hi and merry christmas, you lot move too often for a card! Loving the blog.


  4. Charlotte · · Reply

    I think a pair of reindeer horns would look lovely with Dads hat! Do you fancy bringing me one of those hot chocolates back to England? I could have done with one of them after having forgotten to take my mittens to school. (I’m sure my hands were about to fall off).


  5. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Lamb chops YUM they are my favourite too and fish and chips are my second favourite.
    Lots of lovely pictures this week, I really like the one of Dad with his very pretty admirer (did she ask him for his autograph?)


    1. No, no autograph books were taken out of handbags!


  6. Fish and Chips! Good way to start my day and think about lunch time Thomas, thanks! I hope my lunch is as good as yours…


  7. Your food all looks yummy. Am now hungry and I did find Suzie’s video VERY boring so I’m not going to look at the playaway one either.


  8. Love the tree – some decorations next!
    Hope all festive with you Thomas and parents behaving!!

    Festive love and cocktails
    N,D, M, O xxx


    1. Next week we will put a picture (2 weeks from this comment/blog post no.16) of the decorated tree!!


  9. granny fixit · · Reply

    I can tell from Sarah’s comment that the silly season is here. She will probably come on Christmas Day dressed as a Christmas pudding – again. She only does it so that there is plenty of room for her dinner! Which reminds me to find my reindeer horns for the event. xxx


  10. Thomas I think you should get some reindeer horns for your car they seem very popular this year in England. I think I might join the trend and treat my mini, what do you think?


    1. Definitely get reindeer horns for your mini


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