The Start of Advent

2-Dec-2012 (23 days to go to Xmas day)

Dear Bloggers,


We have been very excitedly getting a bit Christmassy to cheer ourselves up, as we have all had bugs this week & have been feeling a bit sorry for ourselves. The (small, but real) Xmas tree is decorated, the Xmas cards are written (but not yet posted, so they might arrive by Easter), we have been listening to Great Grandpa’s Xmas song (this may not be entirely appropriate for young bloggers), the advent calendar (as above) is on the wall & the advent candle is in place – but not really burning very well, and yesterday, was the school Xmas fair – it was really cold & not very Christmassy!

Rabbit in sugar at the school fair

Rabbit in sugar at the school fair

Today, we went on the metro.

On the metro

On the metro

This was the first time on the metro as a family – 4 stops – and then we went for a really long walk along the Huangpu River – “The Bund” as the area is known. We started at the Waibaidu Bridge and finished by the Hotel Indigo – here are lots of piccies.

IMGP5267IMGP5297IMGP5299IMGP5302IMGP5303IMGP5313 IMGP5309IMGP5315 IMGP5319IMGP5320 IMGP5321 IMGP5341

Happy highlights:

– Welcoming bloggers from Brazil & India this week

– Watching lots of films because we were poorly, including “Singin’ in the Rain” and “We Bought a Zoo” – both are highly recommended


– Making & then eating scones for tea


Fun fact (This may not be suitable for extremely young bloggers)

We found out that we live in an area of Shanghai known as the “badlands” in the time of the Japanese occupation 1937-1941 when there were lots of bombings & assassinations in this area, as the Japanese appointed local Chinese government officials called the Dadao here.

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Chinglish (Taken by us, of course)



Last week’s

This week’s

Happy Advent! – From Thomas


  1. Hi Thomas, how did you like “we bought a Zoo”? I really enjoyed!


    1. Yes, I liked it. I would rate it 4 1/2 stars. Next time we go to england we might go and see the real zoo!


  2. Please tell Suzie not to post any more boring videos.


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    I definitely think great Grandpa’s Christmas song should be re-released – It should be a big hit as its hardly dated ( not much has changed in 50years! ) Those scones look jolly good – is that really Devonshire clotted cream?


    1. The cream is not devon cream but it was still satisfactory.


  4. Here’s a MORE BORING video Thomas It really is very dull. I do love the pics of your walk. xx


  5. Don (or Donald Duck) as your dad calls me · · Reply

    Cream tea, what way do you have yours Thomas?


    1. The video was very boring but the song’s funny and mum reckons it should be re-released!


    2. take one scone
      cut in half
      bit of jam on scone
      bit of cream on top of the jam
      repeat until feeling sick
      & then lick the cream off the spoon


  6. granny fixit · · Reply

    I liked the version by dihared of the same song as it has the words to sing along and graphics are fun – this tells you something about my sense of humour. Really glad you are all better as I was very sad.
    I will e-mail you my prize suggestion asap – oh I am famous.


  7. Celia Greensitt · · Reply

    I love your Christmassy blog Thomas, its got me in the mood for Christmas. Actually I thought great Grandpa’s song was very clever – and in the New Year I am going to turn over a new leaf and start respecting grass a lot more.

    Love Celia from Grandpa John’s office


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