Going Global

Sunday 25th November

Dear Bloggers,

The blog is really going global, with the following stats:

 Top 5: UK, US, France, Australia, Costa Rica

If you know anyone who you think would like the blog in any part of the world, please share it with them.

My next goals are:

  • Russia
  • Africa (any part)
  • Brazil
  • Iceland

Fortunately, Mum and Dad know people in all of these countries, but if you do know people in those places, please send it to them.

Happy highlights:
– New shoes

– Din Tai Fung


– 5 times in the Golden book at school certificate

– School trip to Suzhou (I touched a real, live silk worm & saw silk being made on the loom, which was brilliant)

Yesterday we went to a thanksgiving party – there was salad, soup (2 kinds), stuffing (2 kinds), ham, turkey, meatballs & spaghetti, beans, mash, brussel sprouts, apple pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate tart, ginger macarons, strawberries, blueberries, bread, various cheeses, rabbit pâté, pork pâté, cosmopolitan jellies, Thai Zeed jellies, red wine, white wine, gin and tonics, mojitos, Thai Zeeds and some water. Dad had quite a lot of all these things (except the last one). He has not been any fun today, rather poorly actually. On the walk home we saw lots of bamboo piled up & blocking the whole pavement!

This week’s poll:


China is Zhōngguó (jong-gwo)

Happy Thanksgiving to all those Americans out there!



P.S. There are less than 5 comments to go until the 100th comment!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey Thomas Greetings from snowing Moscow You may add now Russia to your blog Mike


  2. Polly-wolly · · Reply

    Did you have any Summores at your Thanksgiving party? If so, perhaps that was what pushed your Dad over the edge?


    1. Do you mean S’mores? No, there was no BBQ.


  3. Rodrigo Crispim · · Reply

    Hi Thomas, this is your first follower from BRAZIL, Rodrigo Crispim. I met you when you were in the US and Michael from Australia and I visited your home. Remember the flip flops?
    Congratulations on your recent achievement in school and on your blog! Very interesting to see all your adventures!
    Keep writing! You are doing an excellent job!


  4. Aunty Sarah · · Reply

    Thomas what’s all this about golden certificates?? i think its time for you to put spiders on the teachers chairs and buckets of water above the doors!!


  5. Granny Devon · · Reply

    First of all very many congratulations on achieving your golden certificate – keep up the good work we are very proud of you.
    With Christmas coming up I think it very unlikely that your Dad will be able to resist over eating and having the odd drink, perhaps you should make it your job to remind him of the consequences!


  6. Becky from BMS - US NJ · · Reply

    CONGRATULATIONS on your most recent achievement in school!! I know you have many more awards coming your way!

    Have a great week!


    1. Did u have a lovely Thanksgiving? And did BMS give you a pie this year?


  7. Happy Thanksgiving. Why do you celebrate if you are in China and from
    England? Max


    1. Happy thanksgiving Max! We celebrated it not because of thanksgiving, but because it was a party, and we were invited to it. We would go to the opening of a empty envelope if we were invited to it.


  8. Why were you tickling the statue?
    Congratulations on the golden certificate, very nice!


  9. granny fixit · · Reply

    Lovely to get your blog. I am glowing with pride over your school achievement and look forward to your time in ‘Oxford’ when I will be living close enough to make you Sunday lunch occasionally!! Thanksgiving bash looked a little excessive for my sensitive tummy, and Brom’s by all accounts. Sorry Brom it was me who voted ‘no’




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