The keys to my ‘success’

November 11th, 2012

Dear World,
This week, Mum was in America so we were very sad, but we still had some fun, so were not in a total pool of misery and Dad got almost all of his job list done. My first film “5 must sees in New York” was too big for youtube, so I will try to post a clip when I have more time. The first copies are however available on DVD, available on request.

Happy Highlights:
– A parcel with Boy & Going Solo by Roald Dahl in it arrived in the post (thanks Granny)
– Mum is banned from travelling for the rest of the year, as it is too expensive – hoorah!
– Dad found a man to make a metal cradle for all of our filing – it is brilliant!

The filing with one folder

The filing with all our folders

– I really enjoyed doing my humanities homework, which was to design our own transport for the future – I designed a public personal pod system

Nightmare of the week:
Dad had a nightmare with his house keys this week.
– First of all, on Monday he was in a rush to take me to the bus, so he forgot to take his keys outside & closed the front door after him with his keys inside. He had to borrow a ladder from the lady in the hardware shop & climb over the wall into our garden & then levered open the back doors. This results in some questions about our security, as even though we have broken glass cemented on top of the wall around our house, it is not difficult to climb over with a ladder & then there is the back door, which can be opened with a screwdriver. We do however have a security camera in our lane, so I don’t think we should worry & perhaps we should turn on our alarm.
– On Wednesday, after Dad had picked me up from school, & we had arrived home, he could not find his keys. He called Zhou (our driver) to come back, as he thought that he must have left the keys in the car, but then he found them in his bag!
– Today when we were out on our bikes, I heard the sound of something falling on the ground and I saw Dad’s keys on the pavement! I picked them up for him.

Words of the week (in Chinese, of course):

Bà ba – Father or Dad
Mā ma – Mother or Mum

The last weeks results are as followed:
Have you ever made your own drink in a restaurant?
Yes: 4
No: 15

Thanks for reading the blog – & if you have time please post a comment or send me an email, so I know that I have some happy readers!

From Thomas

P.S. Happy Anniversary to Granny & Grandpa Devon for 23 years (& also 23 years since The Manchuria Road Viz party)


  1. Anna Simson · · Reply

    Ah, those were the days – the Manchuria Road Viz party!! Am always loosing my keys, and my glasses, and my mind…..


  2. There was the time I left my Land Rover keys on the table in McDonald’s. I went back to the shop and searched through three bags of rubbish and spat-out pickles and tomato ketchup but couldn’t find them. Then I went back to the car and found the keys in the ignition!


  3. Nice blog this week. Perhaps your dad needs his keys tied to a bit of string around his neck?
    Can we have a photo of your homework?
    Yes please for a DVD.
    What’s the wierdest Chinese food you have eaten so far?


  4. Hi Thomas, i really like your blog, it´s very funny and interesting! In Devon once mum locked her car keys in the car so we had to get dad to post the spare ones out from France! And mum had to walk into town to get the shopping!


  5. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Poor Dad – I know what it’s like to lose keys, I once lost my car keys and eventually found them in the fridge!
    So glad that your Mum is going to be spending more time at home and hope that you all enjoy your mini holiday at the end of this week – have fun.


  6. Timothy KH · · Reply

    Awesome blog i think it is always funny


  7. Timothy KH · · Reply

    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦


  8. Don (or Donald Duck) as your dad calls me · · Reply

    Thomas where has the time gone, 23 years since the Viz party, I seem to remember you dad and your aunt came as friendly sharks. I on the other hand came as Buster Go or something like that.
    Love your blog keep up the good work


  9. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Fantastic blog as always. So pleased you are enjoying the books and apologies on behalf of the mail for them taking so long to get to you. The filing system is superb and I am very jealous. I spoke to your Mum yesterday and also v pleased to hear that she is to get a small respite in her constant travelling. I am going to speak to her boss to get her budget reduced so that you can have more of her time!!! Do you think I will succeed.
    For Christmas I think you should buy Brom a chain to hang his keys around his neck – along with his seniors alarm!
    I learnt a Chinese word this week ‘oolong’ – as a non tea drinker I probably should have heard of it ages ago.


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