Falling temperatures

November 4, 2012

This week was the coldest we have ever had in Shanghai; I suddenly went from wearing a t-shirt to wearing a long sleeved top and a fleece!

Last Sunday we went trick or treating with friends at Chateau Pinnacle (a compound near us). I went as Harry Potter. There were lots of children & adults dressed up, lots of sweets & games. At school it was book week last week, featuring Roald Dahl, & on Friday I went to school as George from “George’s Marvellous Medicine” with a big spoon & bottle. We carved a pumpkin for Halloween, but there were no trick or treating in our lane.
Yesterday in our lane it was “drain scooping” day – which was gross.

So we went walking about, & once again, we have some sights to share.

Washing day in the Hutongs:

Road sweeping, with an excellent broom:

Usually you don’t stir the rabbit stew until it is cooking:

Everything you need for fruit smoothie

Got any orange sauce?

Where did you get that hat?

Shanghai solution to a “Granny fix-it” (no fun in the rain)

Where’s the taxi driver? – Is it something I said?

Fun Facts:
Topic – Deng Xiaoping (with thanks to the BBC for this great summary!). He said:
“It doesn’t matter whether a cat is black or white as long as it catches mice”

This is a statue of Deng Xiaoping’s head, which is in a park near our house:

Talking of cats, this kitten was looking after the till at a market we went to:

Happy Highlights:
– trick or treat?
– pumpkin carving & photo
– Dad got pegs up on the wall with no more leaks
– Lost Heaven – the best roast chicken in the world – ancient trail crispy chicken (the best chicken in the world is still Chicken Rice Professor in Tokyo)
– Funky Chicken – rotisserie chicken (Curtley would luuurve this!)

– Going on my bike and getting some lights for my bike
– Bought 6 music CDs for RMB 50
– bought the films Brave (brilliant – saw it last night) AND Arthur Xmas (can’t wait to watch that one)
– my first film (5 must sees in NYC) is available to watch on you-tube! This is the 10th post surprise. You can see it here

Nightmare of the week
– A horrid man at Pizza Marzano wanted a martini & when the waitress didn’t know how to make one, he went to the bar & made his own

Poll question:
Last weeks results-

This weeks poll-

Word(s) of the week (in Chinese, of course):
(When) Shénme shíhou (shun-muh shr-hoh)



  1. Anna Simson · · Reply

    Yoo hoo! Sorry I haven’t read your blog recently Thomas. I’m supposed to get notification when you upload one but for some reason it doesn’t work for me. Anyway, I’m catching up now!!
    Drain scooping looks yuk
    Sadly I couldn’t see your YourTube film either 😦


  2. In the Lazzard Jazz bar in Tokyo when the staff had to pop out for more tonic, Bromley made G&Ts
    At the Mana Mana beach club in Bintan with Chris Roe & Alistar, Bromley made blue saphires (blue & yellow cocktails) as the barman wanted some new ideas
    At Durrants, Bromley poured 2 pints of beer, went to put money in the till & the till draw shot open & knocked the beers all over his trousers


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    I think it’s a shame that more people haven’t posted comments after reading your very interesting blog.


  4. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Love all your photographs this week, but how about some of you as Harry Potter and George of George’s marvellous medicine?
    Drain scooping doesn’t sound very nice and what a horrid job for the poor woman in the picture – I think your Mum has got a better occupation don’t you?


  5. wot no Harry Potter photo? Alex went as HP to a super heroe birthday party on sunday…looked great except had to do the scar with biro (as had forgotten to do at home with eye-liner) and it didn’t wash off v well! did u do a scar?
    We had our drain sucked out this week too……but it was a lorry and a pipe, not a lady and a scoop!


  6. Aww YouTube wouldnt let me see your film 😦 This is very interesting Thomas, sounds like you’re enjoying Shanghai. Glad I’m on your distribution list. Celia


  7. Wot – no pictures of the beautifully carved pumpkin?


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