A tour around Yu Yuan gardens

October 28, 2012

This is now the finished version. Enjoy!

Hello everyone!

We have had yet another exiting week this week, but this time we are mainly going to focus on our visit to Yu Yuan gardens. Saturday is our only day worth blogging about this week. The pollution levels were higher this week compared to how it is normally, but we only stayed inside 2 days at school.

Yu Yuan Gardens:

On Saturday we first went to Dong Tai Lu – a street market – to get a door handle & mooch around. I bought a box with a secret lid for my stuff and Dad got his shoes polished in the middle of the street!

Dong Tai Lu stalls & demos


Nice hand on hip Dad – with close spectators

Nice sponge!

We then went to a clothes-fixing shop. Here is a picture of the shop, and believe me, the camera was level.

After that we had lunch at Din Tai Fung, but we had to go on a wild goose chase to find it. Here is a picture. It is of me slurping my extra soy sauce.

After that adventure, we properly explored Yu Yuan Gardens. It is one of Shanghai’s top sightseeing spots. It was built by the Pan family between 1559 & 1577 (the Ming Dynasty) and is one of the finest surviving classical gardens in China – but it is very busy, with a rather touristy bunch of shops outside.

This is the crowd outside photo.

Here are some photos of the gardens, showing some interesting shaped doorways, fish & roof tops.


We had a special request to send an email when we posted a new blog, but instead I am going to tell you how to follow a blog.

How to follow our blog:

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Happy Highlights:

–       First school council meeting!

–      Early (Oct 28) trick or treating at a friend’s apartment

–      Homework is already over and done with & it is only Sunday! 

–      First BBQ in Shanghai (with marshmallows for pudding)

Quick fact about Yu Yuan Gardens:

It was used by the British army as a barracks during the Opium Wars around 1842. They did not look after it very well. Today the only things living there are the big lipped fish & a few trees.





P.S.  Another reminder about the comments, there are 71 down and 29 to go for our winning comment. Here is a brilliant example of our first 10/10 comment!

sal ·

Thomas, Just caught up with your blogs. I love following your adventures both in China and your visits back home. Please keep blogging no matter where you are on the world. ” The Adventures of Thomas” looking at the world thru your eyes is extremely fascinating and refreshing. You have a wonderful sense of humor and the delivery of that humor enhances the blog. Joan and I miss you terribly and look forward to your every blog.


  1. I love the wonky window and the beautiful doorway. How on earth can you eat neat Soy Sauce?! Looking forward to the next one ❤


  2. Lucy from London · · Reply

    Great blog Thomas, I am just catching up with your new life! Tell your Daddy I like his shoes and what thin ankles he has!!!


  3. Anna Simson · · Reply

    Lovely pictures of doorways and rooftops. I especially like those fish with the chubby lips. xx


  4. granny fixit · · Reply

    Lovely pics Thomas but do tell lovely Mum to smile as I think she has a pretty face. I have never seen anything like the gardens you visited but remember a fantastic trip to the orchid gardens in Singapore with your Mum.. You were just three weeks old then – ahhh


  5. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Really enjoyed your blog this week – wonderful pictures of Yu Yuan gardens, I hope that one day I will be able to visit them myself.
    Very impressed that Granny fixit is making her Christmas cake already I must do something about it when I get home!
    Have just received a lovely picture of your pumpkin from Elaine – perhaps it will set a new trend in your lane.
    Very glad that you are not in America at present, do you know what effect the terrible storms have had in Pennington? Hope you’re lovely big pink cherry blossom hasn’t blown down.


  6. very ling long thomas! ully likes the shoe shining episode… – lol judith and ully xx


  7. granny fixit · · Reply

    Looking forward to the finished blog with photos. As always very informative and interesting. Makes my Christmas cake making rather mundane – two down and three to go! Love to all xxx


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