A week in pictures

October 21, 2012

This week I am feeling a bit sorry for myself as I have a cold but I have been squeezing lots of oranges and drinking the juice, so I expect to be better soon. I have been learning about Pixar animations at school, so this has been a good excuse to watch the films again. I went to a “2-parties in one house” on Friday night – one for children & one for adults, & had chicken & pizza. We could really only find this fact that is “blogworthy” (which is a new word in our house.)

Fun Facts:
Topic – Chinese Post boxes

Although most things in China are red, the post boxes are green.

Also, please ignore the ‘bunny ears’

Walking about Shanghai this week we:
– Had an organic crepe with banana & nutella (yum!)
– Saw a man & an orang-utan (why is he cuddling it?)

– A phone company called EBT

Elaine, Bromley & Thomas?

– Saw a van driving on the pavement

We walked from Anfu Lu to a bookshop on ChangLe Lu called Garden Books, where we saw most of these sights. The book shop has a café, so we could read all their books & then decide if they were interesting enough to buy. We bought some more books of walks.

Some other sights:

A fruit shop ran out of shelf space…

Nice to know that my sandwich is upstairs…

Nightmare of the week.
– having to see everyone’s pants etc drying when we walk about!

A Practical Alternative to Bunting

Word(s) of the week (in Chinese, of course):

– ni jiào shén me míng zì? (what is your name?)


I don’t think I know that game…

Quick Film Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox, starring George Clooney and Meryl Streep. It’s reached No.2 in our list of weirdest films we’ve ever watched. Certainly not worth going out of your way to see.

I have not forgotten about the contests explained last week & I am looking out for your 10 out of 10 comments. So far we have 62 approved comments. Also if the comment is flagged for spam it will not count, even if  I approve it.

Thomas-the-blogger (with a blocked up nose)


  1. Hahaha! This one was funny! 😀 Do you think the telephone kiosky thing looks like a face with those fruits as eyes? Well I do!


  2. Cold gone yet? What sandwich did you have?


  3. Thomas, Just caught up with your blogs. I love following your adventures both in China and your visits back home. Please keep blogging no matter where you are on the world. ” The Adventures of Thomas” looking at the world thru your eyes is extremely fascinating and refreshing. You have a wonderful sense of humor and the delivery of that humor enhances the blog. Joan and I miss you terribly and look forward to your every blog.


  4. Granny Devon · · Reply

    I wouldn’t cuddle an urang-utan, I bet they smell funny!
    We are in France now enjoying some lovely weather, but I don’t think it’s going to last, wish you were here. At the moment I am suffering from a really bad back ache, I think it’s because I was trying to catch a little goat which we found in our garden when we arrived. Lots of love to you all.



  5. Orang-utan man looks like he is picking out fleas or ticks, not sure what they usually have !!


  6. granny fixit · · Reply

    Lovely to get this week’s news and very sad to hear that you have a cold. Clearly the advice given is excellent so keep on the oranges. Who knows you may then be mistaken for the orang utang. I do like the letter boxes and wonder if they stole the design from the UK where they are similar in red. I have just e-mailed your Mum to let her know that I have completed the latest project – no more details in case it is a secret!
    I am seriously suffering at present from having eaten dressed crab from Waitrose and it didn’t even taste very nice. I saw it and remembered how I used to have crab nearly every week when living in N.Yorks – yummy. Waitrose version tasted of nothing but is having a lasting effect. I bet your Bromley can remember his fish and chips from The Magpie in Whitby.
    Must now practise Fur Elise for Timothy – I guess you are an expert on your new keyboard.


    1. Molly Slade · · Reply

      Awesome blog Thomas!


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