trouble with jet lag

October 14, 2012

This week Mum was away in the US (Again!) & Dad was tired (and grumpy) all week, so we had a bit of a zombie week. I was up all night on Sunday night and had trouble staying asleep on Monday night – I was a real zombie on Tuesday!-but Wednesday night was much better.  Dad feels as bad as this orchid looks today!

Here’s a picture of me in my brand new wushu outfit! (see “Wushu Week” for details on wushu).

Very yellow and very shiny!

I gave Mr Grimwood my letter on Thursday (I will tell you about this next week with either good or bad results).

Yesterday, we stayed at home for most of the day chilling out and doing homework before popping out for a walk to Starbucks and to the shops. I expect you’ll think that counts as being lazy lumps of lard!

Happy Highlights:
– I was given my Wushu outfit this week
– We had Sherpa’s delivery food service four times this week! (Dad is going to forget how to cook soon & become virtually redundant)
– We found a Thai green curry paste in an imported goods shop! (This is a vital ingredient for one of Dad’s speciality dishes – Thai green chicken curry)
– I had my first ride home on the bus from school with Smiley! – so far I have only been to school on the bus with Smiley!

Words of the week (in Chinese, of course):
– Zaí jian (shi tien) means goodbye
– Hen means very (Hen hao is very good)

Fun fact/Quick fact: A Cardon cactus – being the tallest cactus in the world – can store up to 1 ton of water! (I learnt this while researching for my homework). These plants do not grow in Shanghai.


Translation: Automatic Tap

Sorry, but no poll this week.


I am opening two contests to improve comment flow.

1) The person who writes the 100th approved comment will win the opportunity to either:

a) select the topic for the next fun fact, or

b) choose a poll question

2) Any comment that gets a 10/10 then the person can choose a new category for the blog!

Both contests are open now.

Bye bye!
P.S. I have something special in mind for the bumper edition 10th post which is coming in a few weeks!


  1. Really want to know about the Mr Grimwood letter…….come on share!!!!


  2. Hi Thomas – you look cool in your wushshu outfit! We loved seeing you a week ago – great trampolining! We are settling back into our house but do miss No 11 Bisham Village. I keep asking mum to make chicken pot pie, but she keeps getting it wrong and adding youcky things like leeks and thyme! Nothing beats the one I had with you!
    Glad your mum is back from USA, she must be really pleased to be home.
    We have been waiting ages for BT to get their act together and give us internet access – it happened today and so our first thing we did was go on your blog! We love reading it.
    Mum says that your mum and dad should have some special cocktails to keep the jet lag/colds


  3. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Now that your Mum is back in Shanghai things must be looking up, your Dad must be back in the kitchen cooking good things – what was the first thing he cooked when Mum arrived home?
    We are going to France on Monday for about ten days (I will take my iPad with me so I will be able to keep in touch). When we return home to Devon we are bringing Amelia and her friend Adeline with us, they will be staying in England for five days so I am planning some outings – would be grateful for any ideas, I’m sure they would like to go to London but that may be too far to travel from here.


  4. Jenny from Oz · · Reply

    Hello again Thomas- Cool Wushshu suit. The color really suits you. Do you eat “dan gao” with your coffee? I will have to educate the Roberts/Hawkings family if you mistake a New Zealand teacher for an Australian one. If you go to Yutube (if available in China) and watch the “Beached Az” series you will soon learn the difference in accents. Gotta go ‘bro (as they say in New Zealand)


  5. Granny fixit · · Reply

    Lovely to get your news. I expect Mum is home either now or very soon so the moods are on the up.
    You look very handsome in your wushu outfit – it suits you well. Do not get distressed about the orchid, put it in a cool place and wait for it to regrow.
    Your Ozzie family must really be English as they talk about the weather – here it is glorious, sunny with no clouds, only blue skies. I’m off out in the garden. Tomorrow I am going to be with your cousins T C & A for a couple of days which will be fun. How can we hide vegetables this time? Love Granny fixit xxx


  6. josie simmonds · · Reply

    Wow Thomas, your new life in Shanghai seems to be both ‘Hen’ interesting and varied. Sorry to hear that Dad’s been in a bit of a grump but I’m sure he’ll pull his socks up once Mum is back from the US. We’ve just got back from a weekend camping here in Western Australia and it rained … so we’re all feeling a bit tired and grumpy too. The 900hm/hr winds you have had have come our way so our tent flapped like mad all night – I really didnt expect it to be there this morning.

    Will catch up again soon to see what you’ve been up to.
    Zai jian
    Josie, Poppy, Mark and Charlie from Perth (ask your Dad who we are and come and visit
    again sometime!)


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