Back in the U.K.

Well, we weren’t going to blog while in England, however, due to the demand from a most enthusiastic reader, here we go again!

The journey didn’t start as expected. When we got to Hongxiao airport in Shanghai, our flight to Beijing was delayed & Air China put us on a China Eastern flight instead. This meant we arrived in Beijing with luggage & at the wrong terminal. When we got to the right terminal via bus, we understood that the UK flight was overbooked. A flash of gold card seemed to get us on the flight however & we even had just enough time for a Starbucks & we could have bought some live crabs if we had wanted to! & still made the flight on time. Direct flights only in future ………………

It was really wonderful being able to see our friends & family after our rather long stay in China.

Thanks to Aunty Claire, we started our holiday with a birthday party for Mum & Aunty Sarah. We also had enough left over cake for the whole week. Polly, Chris & Freya came for roast lamb. We are now going to reveal that Polly was the enthusiastic reader that inspired us to do a blog this week. I enjoyed pulling the wheelie bin & wheel barrow down the garden path and up the wall with a ribbon from my bedroom window. We went to see the curtleys on monday, where we gave him a birthday present we have kept for some time.

We went to St Albans Roman Verulamium and went to see the mosaic on Tuesday. After that exiting adventure we went to see Grandpa and his crew at his office for lunch.


We had a very nice dinner with granny at the frog, skirmett on Wednesday.On Thursday we went up to London on the train where we spent most of our time window shopping on Bond Street. We also saw Alicky and Suzie for dinner where we spent our time staying up late and playing pass the pigs. We absolutely loved to see Alicky and Suzie because they were really chatty (I like that) and friendly.

London pics:

Bond street

Green park

Friday was spent mostly in Watford where we went to see Aunty Sarah for lunch. On Saturday we started to pack to go off on our various journeys, myself and Dad back to China (where we had a bit of a fiasco, and Mum to America on Sunday.

Nightmare of the week:

On Saturday, at the airport, we had not one but three nightmares! First our rental company, green motion, is at the holiday inn so we had to take a hotel hoppa to the airport. The bus ride took about half an hour, as the holiday inn was the first stop on the hoppa. Secondly, we had apsolutely no idea what terminal to go to, so we went to terminal three to see what will happen. It turned out that we were supposed to go to terminal four, so we got on the heathrow express and went to the right terminal. Our last and worst nightmare was this. We brought the wrong passports! We brought Dad and Mums passports rather than Dad and my passports. I was allowed to check in without a passport but I was not allowed to go through security without one. Eventually my passport arrived but mum did have to cut short her dinner.


This week we are not going to do chinglish as we were not in china to see any!


Also we have some Thank yous to say!

Thank you to Granny F-I for the chocolate lump cake and the lasagne

Thank you to Grandpa for reviewing my letter to Mr. Grimwood

Thank you to Polly for the catapult

Thanks For reading this! P.S. I need absolutely HEAPS of feedback


  1. Yay! As one of your grandpa’s “office crew” I ALMOST got a mention! x


  2. Jenny from Oz · · Reply

    Hello Thomas – Hello from Australia! Have been hearing about your fantastic blog so delighted to be reading it for the first time. Really enjoyed seeing you at #7 in August and particularly seeing your brilliant Indigenous Artwork. Hope your Aussie teacher Mr Grimwood is well again. Just returned from a trip to USA- I just missed Mum as I arrived the day she left. Was amazed to see so many huge and very orange pumpkins ready for Halloween..went to Wegmans’s and saw the most ghoulish and nightmare-ish decorations: spider silk, blood capsules, warty masks……we don’t get much of that in Australia tho’ many people do now celebrate Halloween. Look forward to the next post – and more new words (numpty….


    1. Since we saw you, we have found out that he is in fact a kiwi.


  3. To this day I blame your Papa for that Anna. The minute I arrived, he said ” Now, what date are you leaving?” and I said “the 8th” and he said, “ok. That’s a Friday”. And it wasn’t, it was a Thursday. Stupidly I never questioned what he said, because one didn’t, did one?! In those days, dads were ALWAYS right… What about these days Thomas? Are dads ALWAYS right?


  4. Anna Simson · · Reply

    Suzie forgot the other nightmare she had once – she turned up a day late for her flight home from Malta. Wasn’t such a problem as (I think) she was having a nice time, but her poor mum and dad back at home were a bit worried when she didn’t get off the plane, especially as we didn’t have a phone and they couldn’t ring us to find out what had gone wrong. Dizzy sizzy.
    T’was lovely seeing you all and Freya was gutted we didn’t see you again on your short stay. Fortunately we don’t have any red ribbon and a wheelie bin 😉
    I AM STILL an enthusiastic reader and VERY glad you did write about your UK trip, I was wondering what else you got up to and it’s all very interesting. So glad I didn’t have a birthday whilst you were here, I don’t think I could have stomached it.
    luv us.
    ps – you didn’t mention my chocolate mousse. Now I would have thought bearing in mind my usual culinary disasters, it might have featured, albeit in a small way!
    Lots of love xxx


  5. I once got to the airport to go on a sailing holiday in the Caribbean with all my “friends” and as we approached the check in desk, Jeremy Burns said to everyone “can I have your passports please”. So I reached into my bag to get my passport, and it wasn’t there. I couldn’t find it. I looked and looked.. I emptied my bag all over the floor.. and searched through it. I started to glow a little (ladies don’t sweat Thomas) and then I looked up in a panic to a sea of faces staring at me expectantly. Just as I was about to BURST INTO TEARS they all started laughing and pointing at me. Jeremy Burns had stolen my passport as a joke. I didn’t find it very funny, and I’ve never forgiven him. That was one nightmare. The other time was when your Mum made me tidy up the house when I wasn’t feeling very well. I think I made HER cry that day.


  6. granny fixit · · Reply

    Glad you enjoyed your food goodies. I had three nightmares – they were Mum, Aunty Claire and Aunty Sarah – only joking!! Love them all lots.
    I think you should live in the UK and give up the travelling, then you wouldn’t have all these passport problems.
    I may have voted twice – many apologies. I did vote the same each time though. I need to change my name to Batty Granny. xxx


  7. Granny Devon · · Reply

    You don’t seem to have had much luck with your travelling lately, and poor Dad what a lot of nightmares, think you should be in the “Guinness Book of Records”!


  8. The first time I went on a plane with Dad – he realised half way to Gatwick that he better check that he had his passport. He didn’t have it. He got out of Lofty’s van – got a taxi home to get his passport – then taxi to Gatwick. Somehow we all made it onto the same flight. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR PASSPORTS before leaving home.


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