Out on my bike

September 23, 2012

This week Mum was away in the US (booooo hooooo) & Dad was poorly with a cold, so we didn’t have as much fun as usual, but I have out on my bike a lot. Last Sunday, Dad & I cycled to Anfu Lu for a burger – these are some sights:

Brilliant bike umbrellas – especially if someone is on the back:

I am pretty sure this car shouldn’t be here – do you think the signs say “no parking in front of the gate” in Chinese?:

& then to media mart (a huge electronics shop) to choose a keyboard, so that I can practice after my piano lessons.

Here I am practising!

We then walked around for ages looking for icecream – I had Belgian chocolate & Dad had chocolate fondu – yummmmmy.

Happy Highlights:

–       A new stool arrived, so I can watch Dad making pancakes. Nice colour?

– Starbucks gold card arrived yesterday by courier & we used it within half-an-hour at a brand new Starbucks, that has just opened in out street.


Words of the week (in Chinese, of course):

–  luó mài yī is my new Chinese name (not sure what it means yet)

After Dad has had 12 hours of Mandarin, he has learnt the phrase “Wǒ bù zhīdào” – something like woo boo shi dow – which means “I dunno”

Last week’s poll question was “Have you ever drilled a hole in a water pipe?”

Thanks to Max for the prize winning response – worse than Dad’s numptiness – for skimming a stone through his Mum’s car windscreen!

Very excited that we are flying back to the UK on Friday for a week– so will blog again in 3 weeks.

Bye bye for now,



  1. Timothy KH · · Reply

    awesome i want to try and skim a stone through my mums car window


  2. Did you say Choc cake Granny Fixit?


  3. From further reasearch we have discoverd more numptyness:
    • Micheline nailed a floorboard through a water pipe and the couple who lived under her apartment came home from thier honeymoon to find their ceiling on thier bed.
    • Chris who made an indoor fountain, after he sanded through the water pipe


  4. Granny fixit · · Reply

    A belated reply – got waylayed by Timothy’s homework. Welcome home hope to see you but have to get rid of my houseguest first. Enjoy your lasagne and choc cake – no doubt I will be graded but hoping for an A* at least. Xxx


  5. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Are all those tickets on the car parking fines? I also love the umbrellas they are a great idea I have never seen anything like them before. Your Mum must be very pleased to have a Starbucks nearby, how long does it take for you to walk there? So looking forward to seeing you all again next week – have a safe trip.


  6. Love the umbrella and the stool. Can’t BELIEVE you went to Starbucks with the gold card before your mum got home!!! Any interesting homework this week or has school become an irrelevance given all the other excitement? AC ….can’t wait to see you at the weekend.


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