Wushu Week

September 16, 2012

Last Sunday we met a friend of Mum’s for lunch at Ye Shanghai – I read a whole book while they yakked & yakked, & Dad drank free-flow champagne (I think he got his money’s worth). We then went for a walk in the rain – past a lake, down a street of old stuff & then to a stinky insect market – we didn’t buy any insects in jars or bet on any cricket fights, but we did stop to try Chinese waffles from “love eggs” which were yummy & then saw a bit of old wall.
Not much to say about school, but I have been playing football at break. Mum started Mandarin lessons & can do numbers with her hands now. Dad built 2 cupboards – one is called “Billy”. Mum & Dad went out last night, so I had a babysitter called Xiao (“she-ow” – a bit like meow, but with a “sh”). I watched the film Madagascar (again) & she read the Children’s bible I had been using for my wushu homework (balancing books on my head).

we saw these over the week:

Dad’s head in the king section of a photo board

Me with a wooden bowl on my head!

Fun Facts:
Topic – Chinese Flag (Peoples Republic Of China)

You may want to look at the picture of the flag to understand the following:
– The big golden star of the flag symbolises the communist party, which rule China
– The 4 small golden stars in an arc symbolises the people
– The red background comes from a plain red flag, which symbolises revolution
– It was adopted in 1949
– It’s known as the five-star red flag (Wu Xīng Hóng Qí)
– It was designed by Zeng Liansong in a competition for the best flag

Happy Highlights:

– Mum’s Birthday: she didn’t take long to open her cards & presents, but Dad did buy lots of flowers, took her shopping & out for lunch & then made BOT (beans on toast)

Mum’s birthday gin

– First wushu lessons – hi ya!
– First piano lesson for more than a year
– Chess club started
– Mum’s got a fringe again

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -Breakfast on saturday – dad’s little balls of heaven!

Nightmare of the week:
– Dad drilled a hole through a water pipe on Saturday night (it took a bit of negotiating to get a plumber to fix it at night)

Dad tried to drill a hole in the wall for coat pegs and hit the water pipe. Then water spayed everywhere all over the floor and us. Dad got the idea to put the Hoover pipe over the hole and in the drain for the washing machine. While I was holding the pipe dad switched the pump off wich reduced the pressure by about 30% (so not very well). Eventually dad managed to switch the water off.

Dad with the Hoover pipe

The hole with hardly any water coming out

The water on the floor

The washing machine splattered in water

The pipe that dad drilled a hole into

Word of the week (in Chinese, of course):
– Hen hao (hen how – good)


In spirit of the paralympics

The last weeks results are as followed:

Question: If you were in Shanghai, and you just read our blog, would you want to do what we did?

Yes: 9
Maybe: 0
No: 0

This weeks poll:

This weeks question is in spirit of the nightmare of the week


  1. Hello Thomas, Max’s mom here. I liked your blog. I would say in the future not to drill a hole anywhere near water lines since your dad is standing next to what looks like a washing mahine. Tell you mom her hair looks good.Glad you are having fun. Still trying to understand the balls because pancakes here are flat. I made chocolate chip ones today. I would say I like your Chinglish too. Try to get some pictures of your school. We want to know what the most exotic thing you have eaten there so far has been, from American standpoint. Heather


  2. Hi Thomas, It looks like your having fun. What do you eat at school that is so good? Our school is not so good this year. My mom has been packing my sister and I lunch. Your dad’s balls look good. How does he get the nutella inside? My sister and I had a nutella and banana pizza the other night at Nomad Pizza. Max


    1. He got the nutella inside the pancakes by cooking one half, then adding nutella, then cooking the other half


  3. Another great entry Thomas! Your Dad’s balls look wonderful – perhaps we could try them sometime? Tell your Mum that her fringe looks lovely, perhaps a smile would be good too? And I think your Dad should get a King’s outfit – he looks really cool in it and it would go with his Japanese workman’s uniform. xx


  4. This is your best yet Thomas. I went to the Paralympics and there were certainly no such signs. I suspect Curtly will have answered Yes to the third option on your poll. Or may be yes to the 1st option. Dad’s balls do indeed look heavenly, but what exactly is in them?
    Happy birthday to mum! Did she get my card and very generous present? In fact, have you received any mail yet?


    1. The filling was nutella.


  5. Granny Devon · · Reply

    Poor Dad – what a good thing it was a water pipe and not an electricity cable! I did an awful thing once, I managed to cause a complete black-out in Stockbridge by doing something to the water heater in the flat we were renting all the lights and everything went off (with a bang) and all the shops had to close two hours early. Very embarrassing!
    I love your blog, it is always interesting and lots of things make me laugh.


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